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What are the best bucket seats for a 73 240Z?


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I'm getting to the point in my build where I can finally start adding some nice interior pieces. What do you guys recommend? If it helps I'm 5'10 not going for cheap either. Oh I'm a noob too so go ahead and rip me a new one if I sound like an idiot for asking.

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Mostly you pay for the name. Keep in mind that what fits and feels great for one person does not necessarily agree with you. If price is no object get anything expensive. If comfort rules, try someone else's seats and try the fit. If possible take for a two hour drive.


My original Datsun buckets were shit, they all are. I got a set of 280zx seats and on long Canby trips just could not get comfortable after 3-4 hours of driving. After 12 hours it's like prison. I now have Subaru electric adjustable leather seats and 2,000 miles into my last trip suddenly realized I hadn't thought of my comfort once. They're in great shape and cost me $50 for both.


Make sure that the bottom seat part adjusts up under behind your knees. This support takes a load of the ankles, feel great when driving and reduces fatigue. The back should recline and most important it MUST have an adjustable lumbar support. Side bolsters are also good support when carving up the corners but a pain in the ass if getting in and out a lot.

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A lot of people run into fitment issues when putting seats in the Z due to mounting points being narrow as well as door interfering with shoulder supports on some seats.

Have Celica seats in m 620 which are pretty comfortable and should be a good match for the Z.

As you say in your post price is not an issue, Corbeau and some of the other seat manufacturers have some vintage lines that look real sweet in the Z

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