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78 620 horn diagram? Horn not working


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I'm wanting to get my horn working. Im not sure where to start. I did a little research and found that the relays go bad pretty often, but couldn't find anything 620 specific. I need to find out where the horn relay is. I already checked the fuse and it's good. Just not sure what to troubleshoot. Any advice is appreciated

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On the right inner fender is a black plastic box that cobers all of the relays. Take it off and the horn relay is the one closestto the front of the vehicle.It should have a LightGreen a Green and a Green/White wire to it.


Try the horn and see if it is clicking.


Light green wire is grounded when the horn button is depressed.

Green/White goes to the fuse box and should have 12 volts on it at all times

Green wire goes to the horns.

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The contacts corrode like a dirty old copper penny. The best thing is to repeatedly tap the horn button. If the horn is annoying, disconnect them. By tapping the horn several dozen time you will polishing the contact areas. Allow the horn relay to click also to do the same thing.

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