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  1. Awesome, I’ll definitely do that. Thank you very much
  2. I’m not really sure how I could’ve used just one kit, but I got the two kits wired in, and my headlights are working great (much brighter then before) and no heat at the switch. Thank you all for the info and help
  3. By the way, I used about 4 feet of hose because I plan to fix the heater core and do it correctly eventually
  4. Hey, so I’ve been driving it with the bypassed heater core, and it’s been much better. Is it normal for the temp to be much lower than before? It now stays in the far cold area for about 15-20 minutes of driving, then it will go up to about 1/4 of the way to hot. Is this normal?
  5. I’m almost sure that both of my inner lamps have 2 terminals. I’m thinking two harnesses will be better because I’m not sure how I’d wire it otherwise
  6. Never mind, I found a 4 headlight version. I might still buy 2 separate harnesses because of the way the headlights are wired currently. I think it should work out. Thank you all for the help
  7. Hey, I have another question. Pretty much all the h4 kits I’ve seen only have 2 terminals. Does that mean I mean I need to buy two of the kits to supply power to all 4 lights?
  8. Alright, thank you. Gonna try to drive it today. And yeah, I feel like an idiot for breaking that off...
  9. Will it hurt anything if they’re connected for a little while? If it does then I’ll plug them
  10. I decided to just bypass the heater core for now. It will be temporary. The truck is my daily driver so I needed to get it going at least for now
  11. Well I messed up ? I got the front end of the hose off with no problem, but the back part was a major struggle. Rounded off the bolt on the hose clamp, and ended up breaking off the heater core nipple. Not sure what to do now. Afraid I might have to buy a replacement
  12. Okay. Would I use different headlights with the h4 harness? And just to verify, you’re saying to use the wiring I have now to trigger a relay to supply power to the h4 harness?
  13. Alright sounds good. Thank you for the info!
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