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  1. Yeah bonzai, I’ve used water as well, and couldn’t tell a difference between the two results, I just prefer the MMO because of my mind haha. It “feels” better to pour an actual product into the carb rather than just water. They both seemed to help though!
  2. Not sure if it will help you or not, but on my last 620, I remedied this issue by very slowly pouring marvels mystery oil down the throat of the carb while it’s running (filter off). This is supposed to help remove the carbon buildup on the piston head and valves, which is what causes the dieseling. The carbon build up gets hot from running, then when you shut off the ignition, it essentially act as glow plugs, which causes your engine to diesel on.
  3. Yeah, I definitely will. I’m going to go through the whole fuel system. Probably going to pull the tank and clean it really well. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Well for some reason, after using the jumper wire, the ignition works as it should. Also, my Weber to l20b manifold come in today, and I installed it and the Weber, and it fired up! First start in 10+ years. Pretty excited
  5. Used the jumper wire, and it cranked! So now I need to figure out why the signal wire isn’t working.
  6. Interesting. So the bressel version is subpar compared to the other Weber’s?
  7. I will be trying your suggestion first, that’s what I meant by hot wire. I tried jumping the power from the big stud onto the solenoid tab, and nothing happened, but maybe running a dedicated wire will help. Should the ignition be set to run or run or does it need to be help to start?
  8. Thanks for all the help. I tried jumping across the two big terminals, and got nothing but a big spark. I turned the motor by hand so I know it’s not locked up. The battery is is fully charged (showing 14 volts). Is the wiring correct in the picture? Do you know what that other wire with the blue spade connector goes to? I'm suspecting the battery cables may be at least part of the issue. They are old (maybe original), so I’ll replace those and see if it helps. And yeah, I agree that the Fram filters gotta go. I’ll also try the hot wire to the solenoid. Thanks again!
  9. Trying to get my 620 to crank, and I’m not sure what to do next. I put in a battery, and the dash lights light up, but when I turn the key there’s no cranking. I swapped the black and yellow wire to the tab on the solenoid because I believe that’s how it should be (it originally had that other loose wire on it). After doing this, when I turn the key it makes a click, then doesn’t do anything. The click sounds like it’s coming from the relay box on the side of the engine bay, but I could be wrong. Any advice? https://ibb.co/s5LfWcf
  10. Bought this used Weber, and I’m not sure if it’s real or not. Here’s a photo (hopefully) https://ibb.co/t80Pq2T cant figure out how to add an image without making you click on the url link. Sorry
  11. Oh okay, cool. Thanks for letting me know. Anyone have any suggestions on switching to a Weber now or trying to start it with the stock carb? It looks like there’s some corrosion on it.
  12. And here’s a picture of the engine bay and looking down the throat of the carb https://ibb.co/KDLKPdD https://ibb.co/nC2YgbV It has the stock carb on it now, would you advise trying to get it running with the stock carb, or should I just upgrade to a Weber now?
  13. Here’s the picture of the truck https://ibb.co/fMMQxRd Also, it’s a 5 speed! It has the deluxe badge on the side. Does anyone know what this means? I’m assuming the deluxe package included the decals along the body, and the 5 speed?
  14. Just got a new datsun! It’s a 78 king cab, and it was free 🙂 It needs work, but it seems like a solid base to build off of. It seems to be fairly complete. No brakes at the moment. Not running yet. Ill post some pictures in while.
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