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L20B w58 Head Performance Build


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I found some previous pictures of an L20B build I had done.


'77 L20B Block

- W58 Peanut Head (De-Insert, Hogged Out)

- Flat top 50MM pistons

- Polished con rods

- 260H Comp Cams Cam (11 years ago was avail)

- Cannon Intake

- 38/DGAS Weber

- Matchbox Dizzy/Accel Super Coil


Ran good, slight lopey idle, 3000rpm+ motor, loved 91 octane gas.


Mainly I did this to show W58 head was able to be ran and worked well.image.jpgENGINE1.jpgDSC00080.jpg

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I think On PartsGeek they still sell those cams for the L motor

I think your right, but it doesnt look too convincing to me.


I ordered it through Comp Cams originally and there were 4 stages, I did the stage before I needed racing seats/springs.


But right now Comp Cams do have cams for Naps-Z motors.


I went through alot of work to pull the exhaust liners out and to smooth the casting bumps it left inside.


I matched to the gaskets also.

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People should check their Z series cams. There isn't a lot of lift/overlap you can do as the valves will hit. Cams may be same or just barely warmed over above stock. BTW the Z series stock cam is the same spec as the L20B 0.413 lift and 248 duration*


*This duration measurement is likely NOT at 0.050" valve lift.

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