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Door Handle Issue


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The metal lever in the door handle to the driver’s door just broke (early 1973 Datsun 610 station wagon). Can this cast door handle part be welded? I haven’t been able to locate a parts car for several years. The bottom photo clearly shows where it's broken. Does anyone have any information or alternative suggestions?


37088842261_32ddcf20fa_b.jpgIMG_4621 by Donald Broz, on Flickr


37232048605_087309514b_b.jpgIMG_4623 by Donald Broz, on Flickr



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Get 2 worn out small diameter drill bits.  Clamp the 2 parts in correct alignment.  Take a new drill bit the same or just slightly larger in diameter to the 2 hanger queens.  Drill 2 holes through the clamped up remnant.  Squirt a LITTLE epoxy into the holes.  Dip the worn out drill bits in epoxy and slam them into the 2 drilled holes.  The spirals will provide enough "grip" to secure the joints. Go away until tomorrow.  Take your best Dremel tool cut-off wheels and trim the drill bit shafts as close as you have the nerve to do.  Install with or without finish grinding on the cut off surface, I think you will have enough clearance without grinding.  Good Luck!

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Is it possible to make a currently available (front outer door handle, 68-73 Datsun 510 & 240Z) fit a 1973 610?

Will Nissan Part # 80606-E4100 fit a '73 601?


It has been a bit confusing looking at Nissan/Datsun handles for sale. Some listings say the handles fit 240Z and 510 and some other listings say 240Z, 260Z and 280Z. Please tell me what I should be looking for. Thank you.

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