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I will soon be purchasing an 85 720.  I want to do an SR20 swap, but literally have no time to do the swap.  Is there anyone in the Washington state area who could assist me or be paid to do this?


Have you done any swaps before?

Do you have any idea what's involved?

Just how much do you expect this to cost just to install and to fabricate custom parts? engine, transmission, rad, driveshaft, eng/trans mounts, custom oil pan, custom exhaust system, engine and EFI wiring.

Will the 720 be in good enough shape to support an SR swap? 


This isn't a 2100 pound 510. The 720 is about 700-800 pounds heavier if not a 4x4. You would be better off with a high torque KA24DE from a Hardbody.

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Yes, get the expectations sorted out first. Having someone do the entire job could top 10K to get done. Depending on what level of detail is desired, it could probably be done, turnkey, for $5-6K, plus parts.


Sometimes employing the help of someone to get all the fabrication done is a good way to go. If the OP has enough skill to plumb and wire the engine, this is a good way to save a lot of money.

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It can be done, I just got my SR fired up in my 81 720. But yes there is ALOT of work. The exhaust needs Fab work or a Different Front end. I`m swapping the front end or having one custom built since there are not any pre built performance suspension for the 720s and I`ll probably end up changing the rear end as well. With motor and Parts I`ve bought and stuff on Order I`m pushing 10K Canadian in Parts alone on top of that I had the body and Frame refurbished which puts me around 19K all in right now and I`m still expecting it to take another 10K to finish everything the way I want. 


Just know if you dive into this project it can very easily get carried away and make you want to toss in the towel, But F that I`m happy happy happy with my build. 


check out my build post 1981 Datsun SR720DET

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