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  1. I'm down in the Yelm area, I am in need for some of some parts if you are open to adding another under your wing.
  2. Got her all figured out. There were a few suspicious wires that were not doing their jobs. Thank you for all the assistance. Off to my next anger induced happiness.
  3. CharlieMurphy


    I have friends who put Honda S2000, Civic, and Integra seats that bolt up.
  4. I had an 85 ST with a moon roof and no Tac as well. Post that picture!
  5. I quit buying parts. I'm done with it right now. It is bad wiring that is getting addressed. I will do the test lamp this weekend. The alternator is not reading 13.8 or 14.4. Also, the electric fuel pump relay is buzzing like crazy. Every time I engage the clutch it stops. I have moved that pressure switch back to alleviate any ass pains right now.
  6. What's going on everyone! Finally got my truck running somewhat well and the new adventure is a charging problem. I have installed a new battery and alternator but, it still seems like my truck forgets how to charge the battery. As of now, I am charging the battery every couple of days along with bump starts...gotta love parking on an incline. I will post some more pictures tomorrow to give some more insight. Thanks.
  7. Let’s see what happens. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ratsun/permalink/2159066740817990/
  8. So, would running a line to the canister be any help at all? The truck has been dying recently and back firing. I do know that the throttle cable has been sticking wide open and I need to replace the fuel pump relay.
  9. Ok, so where does the advanced port connect then? Does it go to the canister?
  10. Well, I am located in Washington and this vehicle doesn't have to pass emissions. All I am trying to do here is clean up the hoses and make this look presentable like me when I was trying to take a girl on a date when I was 16.
  11. https://goo.gl/images/eYXqw4 I love the Ecoboost. It is by far one of the best motors put into a truck in my opinion.
  12. Crazy right? Ok, tomorrow I will start posting some better pics but, if you look at the 3rd pic, that is where the advanced port should be. I can hear it hissing but I plugged it. I still need to adjust some things with it but the vacuum system is what's getting me under the hood. So, new pics tomorrow.
  13. it is on the bottom left hand side. It is missing. The diagram/manual for the carb said it is optional.
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