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distributor vacuum


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Every one was different at what vacuum they started to advance and their total advance. Even the same engine on different models. Generally no load needs more advance, heavy load (full throttle acceleration) needs none. I don't know what a 2.4 liter KA engine would run best at, at part throttle as that was designed into the EFI system.


At this point anything that fits is probably better than nothing. The 210 distributor is almost identical to the L series EI distributor but for the drive gear on the bottom. The vacuum advance unit is likely a perfect swap but what the specs are for it and what the KA would respond to best are unknown. 


So what's wrong with the one on the L20B distributor?

Do you have a points distributor or an EI distributor.


Do you have the part number? 22100-????? and I can look it up and give you the advance unit part number for it

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