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front and rear windshield rubber 320 p/u 1965

320 twice

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On 9/2/2017 at 8:26 AM, Conner said:

I see Scott's Old Rubber has the front windshield seals (part #218.718).  They don't list a rear gasket--has anyone bought a rear gasket from Scott's?  



Also, I remember a lot of these gaskets (front and rear windshield) from Thailand hitting ebay a year or two ago.  Has anyone bought and successfully installed the front and/or rear windshield gaskets bought on ebay from Thailand?  If so how are they?  Thanks.  

I did buy from him.. both front and back.. just keep in mind the rear he makes is about an inch longer.. at least it did on mine.. so it had to be cut and it looks just fine thanks to a skill installer i have here in stockton ca. But i purchased my rubbers there..

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On 9/3/2017 at 9:19 AM, Conner said:

I heard back from Scott this morning.  His quote for the front windshield seal (#218.718) was AUD 209.18 plus shipping of AUD 52.40.  


In USD that is about $208 shipped to the east coast.  


On 9/9/2017 at 9:50 AM, Conner said:

My part #20-0735-81 from Steele Rubber arrived.  It's a nice piece, USA-made vulcanized rubber, heavy and soft.  It is a loop (as you would expect) with no corners and not a straight piece of gasket.  I got it for $75 from Steele's ebay store.  


I measured 20-0735-81 using a flexible tape measure and it is right around 118" around the perimeter.  


I measured around the rear glass of my L320 and that perimeter distance was between 96" and 98".  So the Steele gasket should definitely be long enough (that was actually obvious before measuring) and will need to be cut down.  I see no reason why the profile of the Steele gasket wouldn't work.  


I also measured around my truck's front windshield.  I got roughly 117".  The front windshield gasket looks similar in profile to the rear one on my truck, so 20-0735-81 may work on the front as well.  In fact, the measurements are close enough that it may be a fit without cutting down the Steele Rubber gasket.  That's probably too good to be true, but I will try it.  


I will try to remember to post back here after I've actually done the install of this gasket.  



Conner just following up on this. Did 20-0735-81 work on both the front windshield and back glass?

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