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truck shut off while driving


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 Does it restart right away? If yes then likely not the module or the coil. If no, check for spark. Pull plug wire off and put screwdriver in end hold close to a ground and try starting it. Got spark? No? is coil over heated?


The carb can empty and run dry but by the time you get stopped the electric pump has refilled it. Next time get the clutch in and the key off to shut the pump off... now pull over and check the carb for fuel. Got fuel???

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What did you do for carburetor? Just curious on that. Since this is all freshly installed check every connection before swapping parts. Poor grounds cause 90% of electrical issues. It is easy to when installing to forget to come back after finger tight to finally snug up a connection and finger tight doest make a good connection. Everything is tight then chase components. Use the trouble shooting guide in the front of the manual to narrow it down.

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Ah I see you have gas, so spark must be missing. Where did you get your coil from?? Is it from the 720??




Here's s a shot in the dark... The intake coil is powered directly from the battery but if you inadvertently wired your matchbox to the exhaust coil for power check the first fuse on the far left side of the fuse box. The exhaust coil is powered from the fuse box. If the fuse blows the ignition will stop working.

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