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Datsun 620 Engine Swap Clearance


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Hello all, I posted before about the Z24 block with L16 head and Mikunis engine build. I finally got it and so far everything has gone together good. I'm having some clearance issues though that I was wondering for some advice.


One is the Mikuni velocity stacks won't clear the brake booster and the guy before me said he ran a single cylinder W/ no brake booster?


Two is the steering linkage is hitting the oil pan slightly. Not too sure how to handle this one? Dent oil pan some? Or should I swap it.


Third is cross member hitting oil pan a decent amount (can't lower engine all the way on to passenger side engine mount). I do work at a Fab shop so if you all have suggestions on cutting and welding?


PS: Motor was built about 10-13 years ago by a machinist who raced 510's and his main car it was built for was too Rusty and beat up for it to go in. Was built but never ran so hopefully you all will see video soon, I got alot of extras with it such as a more mild cam, a huge jetting kit for the Mikunis, extra 5spd trans, ect.

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 Try a 620 oil pan... that should solve both clearance problems. If it IS a 620 pan use a hammer. Get the passenger side down more and the engine will rock over to the passenger side giving you more clearance on the carbs.


Run without velocity stacks.

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