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  1. Beastlikethat1

    L28/L28E Engine Wanted!

    Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

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    Looking for a good L28 or L28ET block or whole engine. I have a 1978 280z that has bad piston rings. Looking for a decent shape engine.


  2. Beastlikethat1

    L28 Burning Oil

    Well it was a machinist and I that worked on it and I polished the valves and put the new seals on. I did feel as though the new seals we're kind of "sketchy" as in some of thoughs little C clips just didn't feel as tight as they should. That would be a good place to start too.
  3. Beastlikethat1

    L28 Burning Oil

    I need to do a leak down. I believe I was around 140psi except one cylinder was like 115psi
  4. Beastlikethat1

    L28 Burning Oil

    I'll be sure to check that out, I adjusted the valves not too long ago but maybe it's that. And I only seem to ever see l24's and on eBay people want $1,000+ for a 100,000+ mile engine!?
  5. Beastlikethat1

    L28 Burning Oil

    Just recently had my head rebuilt on my 1978 280z. Only down side is I'm at low compression across all cylinders and even lower on one than the others 😒. Does anyone have experience with an at home piston rings replacement? Would it be more worth it to just find a good used block/ whole engine? And is there anyone wanting to sell a l28 or l28e?
  6. Beastlikethat1

    Stock U20 SU On R16?

    R16 manifold? Where I work we weld aluminum. How much would you want for it?
  7. Beastlikethat1

    Stock U20 SU On R16?

    Sorry about that! It's a 1967 Roadster 1600 that originally came with the R16 and 4spd. The car was stripped though a long time ago and then barn kept for years. I recently bought it for cheap but as I said it's just a roller, was lucky and had a friend give me some stuff to help get it going again
  8. Beastlikethat1

    Stock U20 SU On R16?

    So I have a U20 intake and SU carbs, actually in beautiful shape and I was given a R16 engine in great shape. I can obviously see that this U20 intake doesn't match up with the R16 head ports. Will these carbs work with a R16 intake; to where I could just buy proper intake? Or should I just try to sell/ trade these for carbs that will fit? Thanks guys!
  9. Beastlikethat1

    280Z engine timing issue

    I'm sorry for posting this as I know it's been covered a bunch! I have some pictures here of the crank on TDC along with the cam. My question is, is my distributor pointing to the right spot? The rotor seems like it points a little before #1 and I was wanting a second opinion! Also the reason it all came apart is the notorious timing chain tensioner :) but I do have the timing chain tool now! So I had to take the chain and oil pump out and I followed FSM putting it back together. The car runs but not anything like it should!
  10. Beastlikethat1

    Roadster KA24E Swap Trans questions

    I'm in the process of swapping a 95 truck KA24E engine and 5spd trans with it into my 67 roadster. I see that I'll need to make engine mounts also the tranny doesn't clear the trans tunnel and trans cross member, do people usually cut the top of the trans tunnel to fit the shifter etc.? Lastly I have a drive shaft from the truck and one for the roadster, it doesn't look like either will work without mod. What do people usually go with there? I have searched all over for build threads and such but haven't had much luck with this specific swap.
  11. Beastlikethat1

    How much do drive your vintage Datsun???

    Between my 77 Datsun 620 and my 78 Datsun 280z they are driven every day typically. Probably 10k+ a year between them. Just got a 95 ford ranger to drive around when weather is bad though
  12. Beastlikethat1

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    Sorry for late reply but the flange was made by me, I plasma cut it out of steel and then drill pressed the holes out.
  13. Beastlikethat1

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    Mike, as working at an exhaust shop for 4 years I can agree with you on this. We are one of few shops who only do SS and bend manderal in house. We gurantee 3" manderal tubing for up to 600hp so it would depend on the numbers we are talking, but yes 2.5" should be enough for a 3.5L engine that's NA. Many engines up to 5L even use 2.5in tubing, really the displacement doesn't mean much as far as tubing size is concerned. Just HP and Torque. Or if turbo charged.
  14. Beastlikethat1

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    I agree Stoffregen, and 2.5in is a great size where it will fit for covering high power. Maybe it's just me but I love the look of the miters, maybe it's just a teenager thing LOL. And don't get me started on Midas or Mieneki.. haha
  15. Beastlikethat1

    Datsun 620 ultimate SS exhaust

    Muffler is a 5x11 or 5x8 at 24 inches if I remember correctly. Sounds very deep, no rasp at all. I'll post some video of it, and as far as the miters go we use them on race cars all of the time when manderal bent tubing doesn't have a tight enough radius.

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