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  1. I'm putting the engine in today and will be posting updates on one of my YouTube channels "ToastyDIY" so that anyone in the future may benefit from it lol. Once the engine is in I'm ordering that Megasquirt plug and play harness which will take 4-6 weeks to show up and then I'll have the car running hopefully!
  2. I don't have pics but it has a dizzy that has a much larger cap than the one my 1978 does. Instead of having two clips holding it on, it uses screws. Instead of using two dinky wires for the optical pickup the 1982 one has a big 4 pin connector, so I hope this is correct lol!
  3. Well I'm thinking of buying this: https://www.godzillaraceworks.com/engine-management/bolt-in-megasquirt-2-v357-engine-management-system-w-base-tune-1970-1983 Does this seem like a good candidate for what I'm going for and is this the "cheapest" option as far as Megasquirt plug and play goes?
  4. I would be willing to go the Megasquirt route, but out of curiosity would this negate the need for me to swap out the OEM harness or would I need to install a new harness kit?
  5. Wow you are totally right after I did a little research. Shouldn't have listened to the guy who sold me that engine 😥. If this was your swap what would you recommend? I'm okay with buying needed items for it, I was hoping for a pretty straight forwards swap lol! That's engine swapping for ya though.
  6. I just went out and took some pics/ did some comparison and it appeared to me that the ECU connectors were the same? The supposed 1982 harness did fit the "turbo" ECU that was included with the engine so hopefully that is the right harness for the job. I pictured the CAS connector on the other harness (not the fuel injection harness but the ignition/ battery harness) or at least I believe this is the connector for the distributor. Also the ECU pictured in the car is a REMAN one which is why it has no labeling on it. I had 2 originals go bad on me so REMAN it was and tha
  7. Interesting, that's a lot of good info thanks! So I did purchase a used turbo AFM so that's covered. You say the harnesses I posted aren't designed for the turbo engine/ turbo ECU? The guy who sold everything to me said the harness was for that engine but maybe he got everything mixed up (he had a lot of Datsun goodies). I also noticed that everything I needed was on that fuel injection harness EXCEPT the different style Dizzy connector that has the CAS built into it as well is actually on that other harness I pictured 😥. I guess I need to suck it up and just swap bot
  8. I did just notice (and am quite happy if this is the case)! That the ZX engine came with two harnesses. One appears to be fuse box/ relays/ ignition/ battery terminals etc. The other appears to be the ECU connection and anything involving the fuel injection, AFM and sensors. Can I get away with just swapping out that portion of the harness so I don't need to take everything in the dash apart? (First image is ECU harness, second is Dash harness).
  9. This might be a stupid question, but going back on the 82 280zx distributor that has the CAS; could I use my 280z's distributor in its place? I upgraded it a while back to an early 280zx distributor so it's running electronic ignition and such already, I'm not sure if the lobes on the distributors are the same or not or if the pedetals are even the same. Have you ever heard of anyone back tracking rather than upgrading lol? EDIT- well I suppose that was a stupid question as I have to upgrade the ECU to the turbo ZX's and this will need that CAS signal I'm sure.
  10. Thanks Datzenmike. I did buy a new flywheel and clutch for a 280zx turbo engine so should I still remove it? I may just run with my 280z's current harness and look over the 240z's modified harness and see if it has the corresponding connectors I need.
  11. Hey guys! I've been doing a lot of research and buying enough parts that I might need to pickup another job 🤔😂😤. I have a 1978 Datsun 280z 5 speed that I just finished taking the EFI L28 out of and I have an 1982 L28ET that I am installing. I still have the factory harness which is setup for fuel injection so it has all the injector connectors, AFM connector and TPS there. Will this harness work with the L28ET, if I just swap over the ECU? I do have the correct turbo ECU for the L28ET. I do have an extra harness that came with the L28ET BUT it's from a 240z (this L28ET was already swapped into
  12. Time Left: 3 days and 20 hours

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    Video of truck driving in the rain: https://youtu.be/J259GU8Dzxk A lot more pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/FVf49kp I'm selling this 1977 Datsun 620 KingCab Pickup Truck. It has 80xxx miles on the body. It now has a Z24 block with a JDM L16 head with ported and polished valves, browns racing cam and hardened seats, forged internals, turbo head bolts, new rings, etc. New distributor converted to electronic ignition and pertronix ignition coil. Have only used 93 octane in it. Engine was installed about 8K miles ago.New 280z heavy duty clutch and fly wheel. New throw out bearing on its 5 speed transmission. Fluids changed in trans and diff 8k miles ago with redline fluids.It has rebuilt Twin Nismo Mikuni 44PHH's but they do need to be properly tuned as it has good low end and good high end but hesitates mid range. Comes with a giant kit with rebuild gaskets, springs and about $500 worth of jets.Edelbrock 8psi electric fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. AEM AFR installed and works great. Full 2.5" SS exhaust from manifold back with SS Magnaflow muffler. Engine was just installed about 10k miles ago and broke in correctly. It will also come with the original L20B and exhaust manifold, intake and carb. Engine ran perfect when pulled. Also will come with extra less aggressive Browns Racing Cam that's never been used. Has front dual piston disc brake conversion with all new calipers, pads and rotors and new shoes in the rear. 17" Nissan Titan rims with decent tires on them. Will also come with OEM steelies with decent tires.Has bluetooth stereo system that works greatThere is some frame surface rust but no holes or soft spots, a couple spots in floor pan and rocker panels are rusty and bubble in paints. Pictures to show.


    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - US

  13. Ended up getting an internal regulated rebuilt 35 amp and will eventually get a higher amperage alternator! Also I got an 80 psi fuel filter (per Datzenmike's advice). Last question is that EGR clean reminder module, can that simply be removed and unplugged? Of course EGR stuff isn't hooked up anyways sense I can 44PHH's so I figure it can be I just don't want the EGR light to be on. Thanks!
  14. Yes there is an electronic pump, 8PSI and o have Mikunis so I have it dialed down to about 2-3psi. Would you say 8PSI is way too much for that fuel filter? I never thought of that thanks for the heads up.
  15. Ah yes there is; there is another one like it in another spot that's also unused. So I'm assuming I'm not missing anything and this truck was converted to internal regulated possibly, and I bought a externally regulated alternator and maybe that's why I'm not getting a charge?
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