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2008 SV650 - Killer deal with a few problems...advice welcomed!

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I picked this bike up on a killer deal, the guy didn't want it anymore and said he just didn't ride it as much as he had hoped...So I picked it up for $500...It's my first bike so I am pretty stoked...Didn't have a battery charge at the time we went to get it from his storage unit which worked in my favor due to the gas tank issue you'll see below...I took the tank off and finished the repairs over this past weekend...I'll be able to reinstall it after it's dried out for a week (I used the POR15 Kit)...I did get a battery and hooked it up...This thing only has 700 miles on it...Anyway pics for you pic whores and some decent rust porn I'd say...


When I got it home, it'd been sitting for about 4 years untouched and looked like this...




After a little clean up...




Got it home and got the stuck fuel lid to finally open and found this...If you can tell me what it is I'd be happy to know, speculation is all I can get from my local friends...








Took it apart and started to rinse all this crap out...I didn't think I'd ever get it all out...




This is what I was looking at after a good bit of rinsing it out...Most people told me to scrap it but a used and dented to hell tank was several hundred...




So I got some Evaporust and let it sit for about a week...This was in the middle of it sitting..




Used a magnetic "grabber" for the really stubborn stuff...






Got it down to this after about a week working with the Evaporust




Started in with the POR15 kit...After using the cleaner and metal prep I ended up with this...




It's supposed to flash rust to help adhesion for the sealer...Here it is going in...




And after working it around and using a paint brush to hit the vent lines I got this...of course ONE damn speck survived but it won't fall...It's embedded pretty good...





So I'll find out later how it holds up!

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 I am worried about it, but since he let it sit like this without running for years I am thinking that it never had the bad gas enter the system...I'm going to put it all back together and hook up a catch system to purge the pump..Once I can see clean fuel coming out I'll put it all together again an see how it goes...

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