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  1. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

    Quick update...Dropped my block off and had it cleaned up, turns out it's good for a standard rebuild. Machinist even said I would be fine to reuse the pistons/rods...Anyone against that? I am looking at either Sealed Power, ITM or Clegg for my rebuild kit...Anyone wanna weigh in on that as well? Also, how long can you let a rebuild engine sit before you crank it? I can hold off on the rebuild until I'm closer but if it wouldn't hurt it to sit for awhile I wouldn't mind getting it buttoned up either. Also, I looked on Rockauto and they have a pretty good sale on WIX oil filters, they are at $1.39 due to a closeout...Hope everyone stayed safe in the areas the hurricanes hit...More to come!
  2. datzenmike I am worried about it, but since he let it sit like this without running for years I am thinking that it never had the bad gas enter the system...I'm going to put it all back together and hook up a catch system to purge the pump..Once I can see clean fuel coming out I'll put it all together again an see how it goes...
  3. I picked this bike up on a killer deal, the guy didn't want it anymore and said he just didn't ride it as much as he had hoped...So I picked it up for $500...It's my first bike so I am pretty stoked...Didn't have a battery charge at the time we went to get it from his storage unit which worked in my favor due to the gas tank issue you'll see below...I took the tank off and finished the repairs over this past weekend...I'll be able to reinstall it after it's dried out for a week (I used the POR15 Kit)...I did get a battery and hooked it up...This thing only has 700 miles on it...Anyway pics for you pic whores and some decent rust porn I'd say... When I got it home, it'd been sitting for about 4 years untouched and looked like this... After a little clean up... Got it home and got the stuck fuel lid to finally open and found this...If you can tell me what it is I'd be happy to know, speculation is all I can get from my local friends... Took it apart and started to rinse all this crap out...I didn't think I'd ever get it all out... This is what I was looking at after a good bit of rinsing it out...Most people told me to scrap it but a used and dented to hell tank was several hundred... So I got some Evaporust and let it sit for about a week...This was in the middle of it sitting.. Used a magnetic "grabber" for the really stubborn stuff... Got it down to this after about a week working with the Evaporust Started in with the POR15 kit...After using the cleaner and metal prep I ended up with this... It's supposed to flash rust to help adhesion for the sealer...Here it is going in... And after working it around and using a paint brush to hit the vent lines I got this...of course ONE damn speck survived but it won't fall...It's embedded pretty good... So I'll find out later how it holds up!
  4. Volition73

    Trucky-chan KA-T 620 project

    That mount is awesome man, wanna make another? :D
  5. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

    So I'm still collecting parts, I snagged some door cards from Skillard over the 4th of July sale, they arrived and seem to be of excellent quality..I'll post up pics when I've installed them...I got bored and finished tearing down one of the spare blocks...Two of the bearings seem have suffered some kind of damage...I'll be dropping the block off to my machinist while I continue to collect suspension parts... The bearing damage... Seems to be all original from the factory... Found these in the box I got with the truck...
  6. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

    Hello, if you are here from page one I decided to repost all of my pictures here due to PBs lame move...Trying to show a chronological order of the items I've collected for my build so far...
  7. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

  8. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

    Update... Well, after another surgery and moving twice...I'm hoping to get some traction soon with this project. I wanted to ask for feedback on the Tabco products...I'm wanting to get their rocker panels since mine are shot...Any advice? Thanks and I linked it below for reference... https://tabcoparts.com/16840.html
  9. Volition73

    L28 turbo head/manifold question

    Datzenmike, thanks for the picture for reference. I can see how the bumps could make it appear as you mentioned...I agree with your earlier post that it would all bolt up the same anyway... I'm BLUE, thank you for your input too. It could be as you suggested too...I'll try and read more on the stuff over on hybridZ as well. Thanks for that..also, can I get your opinion on the N47 since you mentioned you had several? Do you prefer it to other types? What is your build with them as far as turbo or na?
  10. Volition73

    L28 turbo head/manifold question

    I'm Blue...guess I'm down on my Z knowledge...I was referencing this page for my info... http://datsunzgarage.com/heads/ He states the N47 has the diamond ports, that's a site I used to do most of my research...I'm not trying to be a dick, or call this guy out..I just haven't pulled my engine apart to see for myself...Is this link reliable or?
  11. Volition73

    L28 turbo head/manifold question

    This is what's confusing me...it's from Motorsports website on the suggested gasket for the stock manifold for 79-83... This is the gasket that spans the intake and exhaust manifolds where they mate to the cylinder head. The gasket "shape" above matches what Nissan supplied as a gasket for all 280ZX heads, and is often called "diamond" port because of the exhaust port shape. It can be used with either a "round" exhaust port cylinder head (N47/P79), or a "square" exhaust port cylinder head (P90/P90A). This casting number can be found between the #1 and #2 spark plugs on the bottom edge of the head. If you know your cylinder head number and would prefer a specifically "round" or "square" gasket to match your head instead of the Nissan design, see Related Items below. For an "N47" or "P79" ("round" port exhaust) head, choose part 10-2513. For a "P90" or "P90A" ("square" port exhaust) head, choose part 10-2512. If you are unsure or have a question, just give our sales technicians a call at (800)633-6331. Turbo Note: The 81-83 Turbo Exhaust Manifold has a port shape that matches the gasket pictured above. The Turbo cylinder head has an exhaust port shape that matches the square port gasket (10-2512) in Related Items below. So if you choose the 10-2515 gasket, it will match the "diamond" port exhaust manifold, and still work fine with the square port exhaust head. If you choose the 10-2512 gasket, it will match the "square" shaped cylinder head exhaust ports, and still work ok with the "diamond" shaped port on the exhaust manifold. I thought the N47 was diamond, not round like the information above states...
  12. Volition73

    L28 turbo head/manifold question

    Datzenmike, Thank you, this is what hung me up on choosing the L28 over the LS idea. I've decided to keep the L28, but go turbo. I agree working with your own hands is most rewarding. Seems there are plenty of options for the stock manifold too for turbo upgrades. Looks like I'll be calling Motorsport for a manifold...Thank you!
  13. Volition73

    L28 turbo head/manifold question

    Datzenmike, I was hoping you would weigh in, so if I understand you correctly. If I did what you suggest, I would be able to use the stock 81-83 turbo manifold on my N47 head?
  14. Hello, I'm posting to ask about opinions on L28 head and manifold options...After a bit of reading, it seems the P90 (non A) is the most popular head for L28et setups. I have an N47/N42 combo and have been looking for a P90 to begin a turbo build. I have read that the P90 has square exhaust ports and the N47 has diamond shaped ports. To this end, I haven't had much luck finding a P90 in good condition...I found a reputable fabricator who has quoted me at $600 to $1k to make a custom tubular manifold, for any flange. For this, would you suggest keeping the N47 for the build or keep trying to find a P90 for the custom piece? As far as power goals, I'd like to achieve 300hp to the wheels, but have plenty of room to grow if I wanted it later. I know a stock L28et is capable of this..but I'd like to build the block I have...Any input would be appreciated. Volition
  15. Volition73

    1973 620 KA24DE build

    5t341tH, I sure will...I'll check summit again.....

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