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  1. Sorry, I didn't clarify this..I'm running a ball joint conversion from Beebani
  2. I'm in the middle of piecing together my front brake system and I have seen a few threads/videos that mention this but here's where I am: I have the Hub/Spindle/Brake parts from a 1995 4cyl 2wd Nissan D21 - these are single piston calipers I'm trying to verify that the V6 2wd dual piston calipers and mounting brackets from D21/Pathfinders will bolt directly to the above mentioned configuration without the need of the spindle/hubs from these. I can't get a definite yes from what I've seen online and I thought I'd ask before I just order the parts and hope for the best...
  3. Pressure washer did...not much lol (did destroy a hidden rat nest though...) and she is almost bare... Next I'll make sure she's square and start to mock up the suspension
  4. EDM620 I am thankful for that! I was considering reinforcing the setup I'm going to run but that is mostly for traction concerns...
  5. EDM620 Yeah I figured I would just hit it with the pressure washer and wire wheel where I need to weld the suspension bits up and then get it all blasted and seal it up with POR 15...I'll check it over as well as I can, the frame seems way better off than my cab dammit...
  6. EDM620 well heck that might be a good idea, there are a few places down the road from me, worth a shot...thanks!
  7. Finally! Huge step forward...We have lift off! 47 years of grime should come off easy right? Tomorrow I'll hit it with some degreaser and the pressure washer...
  8. Back at it... Got the steering assembly out and managed to get all of the cab mounts out too. Tomorrow I'll start making a dolly to make it easier to move the cab around. I'll get to work on mocking up the frame for all of the suspension components and while I wait for parts (and funds lol) to get the suspension done I'll start in on the surgery...I'd appreciate any tips or similar repairs in the following pictures...Hope everyone is well as this covid situation continues... The windshield is the area I'm most
  9. Got more done today, took 3 engines to the machine shop, picked up some metal (think I got enough?) and dropped the 620's old eng/trans to a fellow datsun guy. Got the dash out today and got a hold of a local fabricator who will help some metal stuff I can't do (run some beads on my soon to be floor pans and I'm gonna cut my cab mounts out and have him make some replicas I can just weld in with my new pans...)
  10. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplaym.cgi?ditzler=44432
  11. Hello, I'm trying to get a batch of Kelly Green for my 620...this link may help? http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcode_mobilebutts.cgi?year=1973&manuf=Nissan&make=Datsun&model=Datsun&color=Kelly Green&code=940&wtcode=&gmcode=&dtcode=&ditzler=44432&dupont=31019&acme=90835&arco=&rm=&martin=&williams=4342 Let me know where you get it if you do, I need to order some as well...
  12. $120 shipped, they seem decent and came with the rubber buttons, granted they won't do anything for a crash but I like the look and hopefully it'll keep me front a ticket if a cop knows I wasn't running a bumper without these.. I appreciate the info, I have everything for the brakes, I just need to sort out the rotor situation. Can he make custom rotors?
  13. Overnight parts from Thailand! (I ordered these 3 days ago and was told to expect them between 30-70 days..I'm impressed!) Gotta love the extras in the box! Got the L28 tore down, looks ok to my eye...let's see what the machinist says..
  14. Work took a huge chunk of time away but I'm back at it...Got the engine/trans out and bed off..I'll get the cab off in a few days...Been cleaning the engine bay and tore down a spare L28 block taking up some much needed floor space. I'll take that and the KA to the machine shop with some other parts to get cleaned up. A buddy is working on an MR2 and ordered a black top engine (hella JDM) and we're taking that as well. Once the cab is off I'll start in on the frame and suspension... I'm kinda stuck on two items, so if you
  15. Been a bit as usual, but here is the latest... I got a shop in Kissimme FL to address the axle issues...I took the 620's axle and the 8.8 housing I sourced to them (pretty long drive that I'm glad I'm done with) so I couldn't mess up the measurements. They narrowed the 8.8 to match the 620's stock setup, slapped some late big ford flanges on (which eliminates the C clip issue with the 8.8), ordered and assembled 31 spline Strange Axles for me that are drilled to match the 6 lug pattern and fabricated all of the odds and ends I got to tie the Watts kit together. Now I'll just need t
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