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  1. Been a bit as usual, but here is the latest... I got a shop in Kissimme FL to address the axle issues...I took the 620's axle and the 8.8 housing I sourced to them (pretty long drive that I'm glad I'm done with) so I couldn't mess up the measurements. They narrowed the 8.8 to match the 620's stock setup, slapped some late big ford flanges on (which eliminates the C clip issue with the 8.8), ordered and assembled 31 spline Strange Axles for me that are drilled to match the 6 lug pattern and fabricated all of the odds and ends I got to tie the Watts kit together. Now I'll just need to get the differential ordered and I'll have a local shop install it since I don't want to mess that up either. I'm working on finding a dual caliper setup so I can plumb a standalone hydraulic hand brake in. If you are in the area or want to deal with shipping, which they can do, I highly recommend TRZ Motorsports. The owner took a bunch of time going over my build and plans and honestly took my box of issues and turned it into a nearly bolt in solution. He had the guys there weld the custom top/center mount they fabricated onto the axle housing (I didn't think that was possible with the different metal types but they were able to) and even adapted the entire kit I got to fit the 8.8 axle. I'll even be able to service the differential with the way they adapted the rear cage (it's removable). All in all I'm blown away and I cannot wait to get this installed. Next is to get it all installed and have the drive shaft made which a local shop is going to do..thankfully they aren't several hours away this time. Pics below...
  2. You are correct, the 5th meaning the top control link...I'll try the link on one side and close to center like you mention...I think I'll have the room...Thanks!
  3. Used a backyard method to get the differential out...Might have involved a ratchet strap and an engine picker...I'm looking for signs that someone has been in here before...The marking on the cover mating surface looks like someone might have changed the fluid before but there are some markings on the bearing race seats (tech term correct?) ....see pics... The scratches and pry marks in this one.. The weird paint color markings here.. The marks on the bearing race seats...hard to see but it is there.. and the other side... Hey it is a 3.73! Also, if you use the link for an 8.8 tear down/rebuild please watch the whole series he put out (3 or so videos) because he admits to making a few mistakes in the first video, so watch them all if you are going down this path!
  4. Makes sense to me, I planned on selling the bits I didn't need...axles and all..Anyone need the rear out of the 620? (H190)
  5. Side note, I'm using this video to guide me...kinda long but man he hit's all the important stuff...
  6. Back at it today, got the 8.8 drained and axles out...I'll take the diff out sometime this weekend...If you look close, there is some pitting on the close up shots...Normal wear and tear or signs of abuse? This one shows the pitting pretty well... Looks good here... Got the brake parts off as well, gonna need a puller to get the bearings out though...next I'll get the diff out and clean the hell out of the housing...
  7. Got these in as well..ordered two in case I mess one up...
  8. Affirm, it looks like I'll just have to modify how the differential cage connects and the 5th mount...seems like everything else will be like it was the original axle install...
  9. Got a few things over the last few months... Looked at getting a little more room in the cab based on the seats...The bench that came with the truck wasn't stock and was a bit too big. It wouldn't recline at all (stuck in a forward seating position)...Got these from a friend out of a 240sx but they ended up being a too expensive to have refinished locally and I didn't want to take that project on so I ended up with some clean seats out of a 300zx... Who knows if I made any room but they will look a lot better. If I'm able to, I'll wire up the electric controls on the driver side just for kicks...I pulled a Ford 8.8 out of a local junk yard and spent a little time cutting off the brackets...Looks like it's all stock so it should be a 3.73 LSD based on the codes...A place a few hours away is going to narrow it for me. I plan on taking the stock 620 axle down with the Ford and let them measure it all so I can't mess it up. They'll also order the new axles and have them drilled for the Nissan pattern as well. I'll make a good price list for anyone wanting to look into this..My plan isn't to build something crazy, just to get the LSD and have a wide range of gear ratios. So far the Axle was 130$ (You Pull) and the shop quoted me around $300 to narrow it, put on the larger 9" ends to take care of the C clip issues and to weld the housing to the tubes for strength. They also said I should be able to use the disc brakes from the axle I pulled as well so that's a win. Found out late in the game I only had one wheel! After a trip to the hardware store I got it done...I'm sure my neighbors were thrilled... RIP discs and misc bracket parts... Cleaned it up a little.. And didn't feel like painting it so I hit it with PB Blaster and wrapped it up... My next issue it to adapt the kit I got from Bee to work with this axle...The stock axle is mild steel throughout and that's fine to weld Bee's kit to it. The Ford center housing happens to be cast iron with mild steel tubes (or so the internet tells me) which makes welding on the 5th link to the hosing pretty much a no go...so here is my idea... This is the side profile of the parts of the kit that will be welded to the axle..I got lucky that the circular cut fits perfect on the Ford axle tube and since the cage is flat I plan to make some kind of adapter to mount it. I was thinking of some kind of bracket/plate welded to the axle that I could bolt the cage to (another issue is that the Ford is serviced from the rear vs the Datsun being from the front). In this pic you can see that the cage would be able to be mounted to the axles (I'm no guru but is this going to be an issue? I'm not wicked smart on suspension geometry but I'm just thinking through my options... and open to suggestions...) This is the kit laid out in the way it should roughly look...The shop that is narrowing the axle is going to weld the brackets to the housing for me and I'll take care of the frame mount welding. Now back to the 5th link issue...since I can't weld the link mount to the differential housing I am looking at using the cross member I have from Bee to tie into this stock Ford mount... I'm thinking with some ingenuity I can fab up a bracket or mount to use that location to tie it in... Lastly...My shop was lacking in work bench and tool stuff so I went to work on this... Where it'll go.. Before I finished it... Mounted a metal brake, drill press and grinder...not too unhappy with it.. Next is to pull the axle out of the 620 and load it up for a road trip!
  10. Having issues with pictures loading...
  11. Can't confirm the ignition position at the time of the accident...I just swapped around the fusible links to the head light position to see if they all worked using the headlights as an indicator and they all check out...Weird thing is that if I let it sit for about 45 mins and go try to start it it will fire up but die immediately...is there a fuse panel I'm not aware of on the 77's? The only panel I thought there was was the one on the passenger side and it only has things like the cig lighter, lights, horn, and wipers..nothing that seems to correlate with the ignition or the fuel system...
  12. In the middle of a battery swap (let's call him Bob) put the wrong wires on the battery terminals...Bob claims there was a spark and quickly pulled the wire off when he realized what he had done. I can see how this was an easy mistake cuz the positive on my car has a black boot on it from the PO and I've never thought to change it...Shouldn't have let someone else do this...Anyway... The car was previously running like a champ but now it will crank but will not fire. When I try to start the car I don't hear the "clicks" anymore for the relays so I started looking into it deeper...I've checked for spark by using some starting fluid and it will indeed run for a few seconds on it. I've also tested to see if the fuel pump is dead by pulling the small wire off the starter and turning the key to "ON" and can indeed hear the pump whirring and I can also hear a rushing sound on the fuel rail...I looked around online and it seems it might be either the fuel pump relay and or ECU...I know there are differences in the 75-78 fuel systems and I'm pretty sure I've got the dual fuel relay setup that are above the driver side left knee just above the ECU and by the hood release handle...Now before I throw parts at it, can anyone lend some knowledge? I have heard to try and hot wire the fuel pump to the battery but I don't know enough about the system to know if this would help or not...Also to change out the fuseable links but they seem ok... Thanks!
  13. Been away for a good bit but been creeping on other builds...Update...Sold the bike (riding isn't for me)...Moved again and spent a good bit building up my work space...I had have been collecting a bunch of parts and the last shipment from Beebani should be here Friday...With that, I need to address the center link issue since I'm using the 240sx engine...before I order them, can anyone confirm that these are the correct ones from the sticky? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tmi-990175/overview/ If so I'll grab those and a 11/16 drill bit and get after it... I've also been looking into the work it''ll take to get the upper shock mounts from Beebani installed and I've seen some people use spacers to help reinforce that mod...how necessary is that? I've also decided that I'm sticking to the stock KA for now, it's just too much to get the turbo together and I'd rather get this thing rolling...I'll be getting back at it really soon and pics will follow...
  14. http://www.ka-t.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6263 Maybe the link above will help, it's my go to...Good luck, I'm about to be following you on this path...
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