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B210 - Part Out?

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                  Trying to sell the B210 with everything that I have for one,

for $2500,but am getting no interest.I hate to see a car parted out,but

am at least thinking about it.

                 I could certainly use the money to move,or live off of,until

I get a job in Virginia.

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That's one thing that sucks is having to part out a perfectly good potential project..

But if you do plan on parting it out, let me know. I just got in an accident on Friday and I'm in need of some parts..

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            Sorry to hear that. Send me a list anyway.

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Not to many parts on the list being that either I had some or fellow Ratsun or Datsun friends helped out.

Smalll list.

1. Drivers side front fender.

2. Drivers side headlight bucket.

That's it for now until I take it apart to review te damages. If anything else is needed I will let you know.


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Doug has a B210 made before your 210. They aren't the same.

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                 I sold Cosmonaut the car & a ton of parts a while back.

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