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  1. B2Fresh

    B210 Rollcall

    Haha.. I wouldn’t think so.. Friend of mine has one and he won’t sell his either. Them luminated plates are cool looking.
  2. B2Fresh

    B210 Rollcall

    Man that engine sat in there nicely.!!! I want that license plate.!!! Want to sell it.???
  3. Damn.!!! There’s going to be one in November.?!?!? SWEET.!!! I’ll try to make it to this one if I’m not scheduled to work that day.
  4. I hate to ask but can you also get a picture of the door jamb please.. The color in the door jamb should be nice and clean and bold since the color doesn’t fade so easily there cuz there’s not much sun contact there. Thanks
  5. i know you have posted pictures of your “B” but you think you can post a picture here to get a better idea what it looks like.?I have color books at work that I can look to see if we can ID your color..
  6. B2Fresh

    Decklid racks.

    I've seen them but never took any or have any pictures of them.. They almost or could be the same ones that the 1600-2000 roadster have on there deck lids.
  7. Perfect.!!!! Thanks for the help and I appreciate you getting back to me with the info.
  8. Nice looking Sedan.. I need to ask does your car still have the color code on the core support and is it visible still. If it is would you mind letting me know what it is.? I have the same color and my color code has faded away. Thanks and I appreciate the help.
  9. Add washers between the latch on the interior end where the two screws are. That's what I did and it seals with no leaks and no wind noise.
  10. B2Fresh

    B210 - Part Out?

    Not to many parts on the list being that either I had some or fellow Ratsun or Datsun friends helped out. Smalll list. 1. Drivers side front fender. 2. Drivers side headlight bucket. That's it for now until I take it apart to review te damages. If anything else is needed I will let you know. Thanks
  11. B2Fresh

    B210 - Part Out?

    That's one thing that sucks is having to part out a perfectly good potential project.. But if you do plan on parting it out, let me know. I just got in an accident on Friday and I'm in need of some parts..
  12. B2Fresh

    B210 Rollcall

    Oh ok On mine one of the levers that controls the vent, heater and defrost is broken so I've been looking for one.. Thanks
  13. B2Fresh

    B210 Rollcall

    By any chance is the heater controls still in there.?
  14. That's what I was thinking but I wanted to see what others have done with there stereos..
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