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Yet Another 720 Seat Swap Thread


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Hey guys I haven't really posted much. I started a couple 720 projects a couple of years ago and I'm still working. The 82 is on the road and still has a few loose ends. One of these days I plan on posting a lot more in detail with some pics to either bore or intrigue all of you motor heads out there.


I've been scouring the local "U-Pull and Pay" and snagging the best parts for awhile now. I have just about all I need and this summer I've been working on getting the 86 Regular Cab 4x4 back together.


The bench seat was shot and I'm a poor boy so everything is on a budget. I have scoured the forums. in particular RATSUN, for wrecking yard seat solutions. The easiest and most popular seat swap I found was from the Isuzu Rodeo with the biggest complaint being that they sit to high. Now this may be an advantage for some folks who are shorter in stature but if your 6 foot its a problem. The 82 got a pair and it worked out pretty good but they did sit high, a little higher than I really liked.


I picked up a pair of Rodeo seats a long while back for the 86 but wasn't happy with my head in the roof idea so I've been straining the old brain for an easy solution. Eventually I had a HMMMMM... and then an AHAAA ! I did search diligently and I did not see this idea covered so if my epiphany is just a big "DUH" please forgive my newbieness.


What if the original seat tracks from the old 82 buckets I had saved would work on the Rodeo seats? I pulled the Rodeo seat tracks off and compared them to the Datsun tracks. The mounting holes from the track to the seat were almost the same but would require a small amount of modification. They would definitely cause the Rodeo seat to set lower. I drilled out the mounting holes in the Datsun tracks to 7/16'. Then I fitted the mounting bolts with a single flat washer each and mounted the Datsun tracks to the Rodeo seats. Voila! The Rodeo seats are now at the correct height and slide perfectly. No welding, no drilling holes in the floor, no shims. Just a clean installation that works  :thumbup:


If you are pulling nasty uncomfortable buckets but the tracks are ok DON'T discard them. They may work nicely on other seats by simply enlarging or drilling a few holes and swapping them to the replacement seat.

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96 up. I liked the headrests better on the newer ones and used 2001. I think the newer model ones may be easier to find in decent condition too depending on the climate in your area. MX71 and I were discussing the possibility of the 96-99 seats having different brackets and he claims they have the correct profile without modifying anything. I'm still not sure about that. When I was doing the research I found posts recommending 96 up, 96-99 and one showcasing the 2002. Take your tape measure with you and compare or use your original seat rails/brackets providing your truck is equipped with buckets. Another note is that if you are putting them in a regular cab the seats reclining functions will be more limited depending on how far you have to side the seat back to drive, even so it still beats the hell out of OEM. IMHO

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All this fuss and bother about seats got me up out of my recliner and headed towards the local PickNPull, where a 2002 Rodeo was listed. Damned if the seats didn‘t look pretty good, too. So after a bit of cogitatin‘, I nabbed the pair, took them home, and gave them a good shampooing. See what happens when you get strung out on the Ratsun forum?!?...

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