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  1. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    I could not tell, I looked but decided against pulling it off. I'm not sure if that truck was an ST
  2. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    Finally a clock! I also was able to snag a whole AC system (besides tensioner), another power steering system (besides gearbox), All the extra ST interior pieces, Nissan mud flaps, arm rests, front and rear bumber, center console and a whole bunch of other small stuff. He basically let me loot the truck for 60 bucks
  3. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    As well as that center console, I've never seen one before. As for the AC is there anything else I should pull besides the obvious
  4. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    Clock time baby https://klamath.craigslist.org/pts/d/1983-datsun-nissan-king-cab/6648081299.html
  5. ClumsyBird

    Cab Swap

    Much improved
  6. ClumsyBird

    Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

    Trucks are replaceable (720's especially), but you are not. Glad you are okay
  7. ClumsyBird

    85 720 stalling under load

    What pressure is your fuel pump running?
  8. ClumsyBird

    Let’s see those toppers - camper shells!

    @Madkaw, couldn't find it, I'll check again when I have the chance
  9. ClumsyBird

    Pulling trans need guidance

    Honestly, I would just take the engine out and do it that way. Thats how I did mine and it took me and two friends about 2 hours to pull it. Even the factory service manual calls to just pull the transmission with the engine, there's far too much stuff to take off for it to be time effective
  10. ClumsyBird

    First 720

    I have an 85' service manual if you need photos of anything. Also nice truck, thats arguably the most desirable combination of truck nissan made in the 720 series!
  11. ClumsyBird

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    Looks well used! I can appreciate a good London pattern haha
  12. ClumsyBird

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    Nice anvil
  13. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    No sadly its only a deluxe, not a st
  14. ClumsyBird

    '85 4x4

    Somehow I found black ones, at a junk yard near me for very cheap. Along with a bunch of other little very-hard-to-find stuff, It was the only 720 there and it was in near mint condition. Here's what I got: No clue why it was in a junkyard! And it still has a bunch of mint condition parts on it, so for those of you NW rats here's the row52 listing for it; pick 'n pull south portland, Row 38. Also I decided to paint my engine bay and floorplans while the truck is completely stripped, I used Bill Hirsch Super Black Semi Gloss chasis paint, and while its quite hard to find, I would highly recommend it if you can get it. It cost me 35 bucks (2 pints) to do my entire engine bay and cab, the same amount of POR15 would have cost 70.

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