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1979 Datsun Bluebird 180B INFO request


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i'm researching about this Datsun because i might buy it, but i cant find how its named there in N.America... because there is not much info about these cars here in my country and i use this site and others for info.

This particular one haves an L18 engine (same as my 720 truck) & auto tranny... i would like to know what differential it may have and any other relevent info about it.

Owner says it have 25.000 miles, price is around 8k.

Thanks in advance!



imagenes gratis



subir fotos a internet

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Thanks guys..!

i was a little confused because i did not find pictures of cars with the exact front grill/bumpers as the one that i posted...

Looks like it did not came with the L18 engine there in N.America.

I will keep searching for info to see if it could be a good purchase, my main concern is that spare parts are hard to find here in Argentina.

Cheers !


This is the seller's publication:


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In N America it continued to have the L24 engine and be called an 810 changing for '81 to the 910 but continuing to be called the 810 Maxima.


Elsewhere I think the '79 was called a 910 and it should have an L20B and be called a 200B. But this may depend in which country it was built.


Have the owner check the build date. The '79 model year starts July of the previous year so a July '78 is actually the beginning of the '79 cars.

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