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New to Ratsun and New to Datsun

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My name is Warner, I just picked up this 1976 280Z from an Awesome dude in Maryville TN, 
35k original miles on the chassis and engine, 4spd manual replaces the autotragic that was stock. 
totally rust free as the previous owner cut out the floor pans and rust, the interior is all intact and great looking. 

i have been having issues with a possible vacuum issue on the brake booster/brake master cylinder so i order all the bits to replace it with the 10" ZX booster and the Wilwood master cylinder and a few other bits like braided lines and so on. 
then it's on to the suspension. 
I am definitely keeping the paint scheme of the car and the livery, i love it haha. 

and then the R1 I'm using as my Daily rider. 
i'll run through what i've had/have for cars first then bikes
1985 CJ7 (305 swapped)
1995 F150 XL lariat (I6)
1995 F150 (V8)
2001 Dodge Dakota 
1999 Mustang 
1999 Eclipse 
1995 EG Civic coupe 
1993 EG Civic 4 door 
1995 S14 240sx 
1991 E30 BMW 
1987 AE86 
1999 Forester 
1993 S13 Hatch
2006 Evo IX SSL GSR 
1983 E21 BMW 
1998 Z3 BMW 
2010 VW Sportwagen TDI 
1990 Toyota Sera 
2008 Mini Cooper S 
1976 Datsun 280Z 
1998 KX125 
1999 CBR600 F4i 
2012 CBR1000rr 
2001 DRZ400e 
2001 XR650R Supermoto (street legal'd)
2009 KTM XC-F450 (street legal'd)
2008 KTM 300XCW (street legal'd)
2013 R1 Team Yamaha Edition 
I've just got the '13 R1 and the '76 280Z now, things have been pretty alright here in Georgia, getting out of the Navy in a year.. this 6 year contract was a trap haha. 
I do photography and build Custom industrial style furniture out of engines and such as well as office accessories and quick swap camera straps. 
I am also a partner in O Pie Garage so if any of you guys want a car imported or need hard to get parts from Japan hit me up or message us on the FBook page until our new website is done being built. 

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Welcome to Ratsun and nice first post.

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Welcome to Ratsun and nice first post.

thanks, glad i found this forum haha, going to need some help from you guys for sure

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Welcome! Nice intro

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to start things off, im having a throttle issue, my pedal feels hard to push at first, and then like it gets past the hard friction part and pushes through hard so it lurches really hard and its very difficult to try to take off in 1st gear without chirping tires and being very annoyed hahah. any ideas? the linkages seem to move smoothly, so i was thinking sticky spot on the pedal spring inside the cabin maybe?? 



so I dove into the Datsun a bit more, I completed swapping in the 10'' ZX brake booster and vacuum valve thingy as well as a 1'' Willwood master as well as Russell braided SS lines, 

I also had to replace the driver front caliper as the old one was not working to say the least haha. need to do front pads soon probably too, wouldn't hurt, 


I also just swapped the suspension out, want to get the best handling I can to throw it around whenever I want. 
I went with Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable struts and Eibach progressive springs as well as new KYB strut bearings for the fronts, all the bushings in the front end were new.. but the rear bushings are all beyond worn out.. sounds like the diff wants to eject every time i take off from a stop or something haha. 
so I got the Energy Poly bushing kit to replace everything front and back and then plan to order some fatter sway bars this next week... this thing is hopefully going to handle like a fucking champ. 

the 4 spd is great for what it is but i think i want to do a ZX 5 spd swap and an R200 if i can get ahold of one, no intentions on swapping the L28 out anytime soon, i've already got a l20 head swapped on and dual side draft carbs, which i'd love to swap out for some triple 45 dcoes, 5 spd would hopefully let me get the best out of the set up though. 
anyone in here going to be at the Zdayz thing at the tail of the dragon from the 18th to the 21st of May? 

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I wasn't aware Zdayz was a thing until right now but I'll definitely make the trek down for one of the days. 


As for the throttle have you checked the linkage and made sure nothing is binding?

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The return spring will be on the throttle body. There's no spring in the cabin.


Polly is too stiff. Rubber is far better. If you replaced the tension rod bushings with polly you should re-think this... http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=28667 The dime Quarterly has an article (Volume 2 Issue 2) on how to modify them so they are more compliant.

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Small updates, 

Poly Bushing kit is in, new spindle pins and bushings are in, new diff mount is in.. car feels like a totally different go kart and i love it, well worth the money. 


so the list again: 
Tokico Illumina struts

Eibach springs

KYB strut bearings. 

Energy Poly Bushings 

OEM Nissan Spindle pins and bushings 

OEM Nissan Dif mount

Willwood 1" Brake Master Cylinder 

10" ZX Brake Booster 

Russell Stainless Steel braided brake lines front and back. 

new OEM front calipers. 

Fairlady head light covers

Wood grain 4spd shift knob 

Ram-flo intake baskets, need foam filter inserts

NGK plugs and wires 

Oil change 



I'm about ready for Zdayz in May and taking some mountain trips this summer / fall ! 

just want to get new thicker sway bars front and rear and some strut bars front and rear too. 

as well as new tires and maybe a different set of wheels and new brake pads. 


going to focus on sealing up the fire wall and rear end next to get rid of the exhaust / gas fumes 

as well as doing trans and dif fuids (Redline MT90 and 75W90 for dif). 


this has been the most work i've ever done to a car in a short amount of time, but it's been a good 2 months almost. Anybody have mod recommendations? i need to get the head unit fitted up in the car so i can play some old 60's 70's music while i blast around. 

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