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  1. The clunking in the rear end is either slop on the spider gears or the front mount has gone bad and the diff is hitting the top of the tunnel.
  2. CGraves

    New to Ratsun

    Have you checked all the couplers on your intercooler pipes? I've seen them rip in a way that sometime they overlap and seal the gap but sometimes boost would push it open again and when the rubber laid down again it wouldn't seal correctly. I'd pressure test your system and see if you've got a loose coupler somewhere.
  3. CGraves

    New to Ratsun

    @Bleach Yeah the minimum distance recommended is 6 inches. It can be way longer if you want it to be. I'm not sure how long the L28ET is but I know the pipe between the MAF and turbo on the RB25 is like 10-12 inches long.
  4. CGraves

    New to Ratsun

    The pipe between the turbo and MAF should usually be around 6 inches. The reason it has to be long like that is because it prevents turbulent air from the turbo hitting the MAF again. Obviously that wouldn't affect your problem but just figured I'd throw it out there.
  5. Hey I saw your post about this on /r/projectcar a while back, glad you were able to get the ownership situation sorted out. Definitely watching this thread.
  6. CGraves

    New to Ratsun

    I mean really if you had to it wouldn't be horrible just making your own harness if you can't get something that'll work.
  7. I wasn't aware Zdayz was a thing until right now but I'll definitely make the trek down for one of the days. As for the throttle have you checked the linkage and made sure nothing is binding?
  8. Hey I just sent you a PM. As for the RB it's been done for like a month and a half now. I've still got a couple little things to do but it's my daily driver and I haven't had any problems so far.
  9. Yo whats up homie. I'm the one that sold you that L24 and the gauges! Interested to see where this build goes for sure.
  10. If you mean something to support the middle then nope. It should just bolt/screw into the sides under the side markers.
  11. I'm not sure about a price for the mikunis but keep in mind you can buy a brand new set of triple webers+intake for $1650 BUT I'm not sure how that would impact the price of the mikunis. As for the engine and trans I've bought a bunch of L28s for $300 with no trans and I sold my L24+trans with bad piston rings for $300. If you do decide to sell the mikunis I'd be interested to a degree.
  12. Is that a 67-68ish mustang I spy in the background?
  13. CGraves

    260z RB25DET swap

    Update with no pics unfortunately. I got my intercooler piping ran and now I'm waiting to get my radiator welded and my driveshaft cut which both will hopefully be done tomorrow but while I have all this downtime I fixed some odds and ends on the car like the heater not working and the passenger door alignment etc. I also found some emblems that I got in a box with my 240z and decided to stick them on but all the holes have been filled up. Does anyone have a template for the rear hatch emblems so I can tape them down?
  14. @Lockleaf I dunno man I don't know shit about the trans like I said, I'm just tryna learn something new. He didn't have to come at me sideways like that though.
  15. @Dolomite I dunno homie I don't know shit 240sx trans but everyone I've ever talked to has recommended that over the zx because it has more optimal gearing. If you know what the ratios are I'd love to know why 1st, 3rd, and 5th are better though!
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