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Thinking about AutoXing my B310.

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Good morning Ratsun community!



I just got into SCCA solo AutoX last year. I have been a long time follower and finally was able to participate last season. I drove my Subaru wagon a few events and then my e46 BMW the rest. I had tremendous fun driving both cars on a course like that and I was actually pretty competitive in my class. I had no worries about those cars when it came to reliability or breaking anything. My friend of mine is trying to convince me to take my Datsun 210(b310) out this season and it should be a riot/thrill to drive. My only reservation is the suspension is dated and it is at stock height(pretty good amount of body roll), should I be concerned? I am not worried about the engine(it is in great shape). It is about an hour drive to the course from my place as well and I would drive it there and back.


What is your guys opinion on this matter? 


If I was to do any refreshing of the car to make it up to snuff and worry less about it what should I do to prepare?


Are there any mods you guys recommend that are on the cheap side? I have moderate access to tools and ability to make things happen.


Bonus! Does anyone have any pictures/video of their B310 autoxing? (I know plenty of people take dimes out





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                First,look at what class you want to run,& find out what you're

allowed to modify.In the stock classes (H stock I think is where your car goes)

doesn't allow hardly anything.I'm going from the SCCA rules,but a local club

might allow further mods.

              Also,be prepared to be beaten,as the newer cars have higher hp,&

better handling,but are put into the same classes.I don't think that's fair,but

that's their rules.I love to see the older cars compete.

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I will be in the FSP(F-Street Prepared) so I am allowed a pretty "good" amount of small mods. I am in that class because I have a weber 32/36 that is the only reason I got bumped up but I am using that to my advantage with weight reduction I took off the front bumper and might take off the rear that has to be at least 50lbs combined. It allows me to run non-DOT tires so I can get some stickies.

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Generally, anything you do to improve the handling will also make driving it on the street more enjoyable also. Maybe have a purpose use set of tires just for autoX. Lower center of gravity, stiffer suspension, better shocks and better brakes to allow you to go deeper before braking.

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Thanks everyone. I will try to run a separate set of tires than my streets I do have a spare set of wheels to slap them on. I am trying to do this on a budget/cheap so we will see how this season goes. I will keep it updated I will even post videos/pictures if I can make it out to the events. 

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I thought you could pull bumpers for FSP? Oh well shows what I know, I run STS.

You should autocross your car. Everyone should autocross every car they own at least once, because it gives you a safe way to learn how your car reacts to driving on the limit.


As far as mods, it depends on whether you want to be competitive, or if you just want to run. Also note that a lot of SCCA regions will be a little bit more relaxed about classing at local events than regional/national stuff (eg, you have a Weber downdraft, and stock everything else, my region would probably let you run in street instead of street prepared)

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