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Needing to rebuild my 65 L320 trans? Info on parts?


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Hey all, looks like it's "that time", I'll be needing to rebuild the on the floor trans in my 65. I got zero info on what the issue is at purchase, but would assume that it just needs a rebuild. Issue is, parts....


So I am aware that they are pretty close to the MG units, but I also heard that they had some stuff from the J13 trans as well and since it was a cross over, getting what I needed to rebuild would be dicey at best. Anyway, whats the best way to get this guy running again? Any info helps =)

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Just got a message from Andy, posting here for archiving purposes. Thanks Andy,



I don't know anything about rebuilding the transmission itself. I got my floorshift transmission from Ted but it was missing the throwout sleeve & bearing and everything forward of that. That throwout sleeve was the hardest part to find of any of it. The throwout bearings are all the same, at least up into the 1980's. I got an Exedy clutch kit on Ebay for the 520 pickup and it contained the throwout bearing, clutch disc and pressure plate. The clutch disc won't work on the 320 transmission but it was available also on Ebay. The kit and the correct clutch disc ran me about $140 or so and everything was new forward of the throwout collar. I can look on Ebay and see if I can find some active listings if that will help you.
The 320 and first half year 520 pickups used the transmission that you have. In September 65 the later transmission was adopted that uses the Exedy kit available. The early transmission has a 7/8" diameter input shaft with 20 splines. The transmission with a bottom pan that replaced it has a 1" diameter - 24 spline input shaft. Clutch diameters are both 200mm/8" diameter. Pressure plate is the same. The only difference that I can tell between the 320 and very early 520 transmission is the drilling of the tailshaft for rear mounts. The 320 is drilled on side bosses and the 520 is drilled on the bottom boss. They all have the bosses, they're just drilled for the vehicle that they were going to be built into.
  The transmission that I got from Ted was like new on the inside and cleaned up new with Gunk Gel on the outside. Lots of photos and the build thread on our 320 is here:
Hope some of this helps. Let me know if I can help.


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