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  1. ehime

    Back in the Datsun game!

    Yep... still looking for a clutch for my 65... *sigh
  2. Not seeing anything, do you have a link to the search you used?
  3. Awesome, thanks Mhub
  4. Just got a message from Andy, posting here for archiving purposes. Thanks Andy,
  5. Hey all, looks like it's "that time", I'll be needing to rebuild the on the floor trans in my 65. I got zero info on what the issue is at purchase, but would assume that it just needs a rebuild. Issue is, parts.... So I am aware that they are pretty close to the MG units, but I also heard that they had some stuff from the J13 trans as well and since it was a cross over, getting what I needed to rebuild would be dicey at best. Anyway, whats the best way to get this guy running again? Any info helps =)
  6. I'm in the same boat right now unfortunately =( I emailed MLP yesterday and hoping to hear a response soon, the 2D-30C kits are evidently getting rare *sigh
  7. ehime

    240z bumper 70-72

    Sparkly =)
  8. sold. Thanks for saving her guys =( it means a lot
  9. ehime

    old school recaro seats(portland,OR)

    Youll have to wait Micro, cuz so do I :)
  10. ehime

    Shortened Stock 510 struts

    Nice bead :)
  11. ehime

    old school recaro seats(portland,OR)

    I'll take them. Shoot me an email at dodomeki@gmail.com
  12. Holding on to it for a few weeks longer in hopes that Patrick gives it a good home =)
  13. If he wants to give me the scrap fee thats fine

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