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Everything you know about suspensions in 100 words or less

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So yes I realize that this project, isnt really real... But it kind of is, the physics engins in this game are Phenominal and adjusting the Geometry of the front end is totally possible... so Im learning about Geometry Right, eventually It will help me when I get somehting that can handle... like a 510 or a 240...


Ive been tweaking the suspension settings and its handleing better and better.. Little bit of pos camber on the front, and Little bit of neg camber on the rear.. That way under heavy braking im getting closer to 0 camber, which is what i would think would be good, as moore tire on the ground..


Ive got a little toe in in front and a little toe out in rear to try to get the thing to dive a corners a little, but then ive got some oversteer issues when not on the throttle... it currently got a 4 wheel drive RB28dett powerplant in it...


spring rates, dampening, all this shit is adjustable in a Slide bar to left for less, Slide bar to right for More kind of way...


I know nothing of suspensions, im just working on a "Better or Worse" trial and error mentality.. drive it, change something, keep it if it seems better,


Yes I know its not really real;)





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custom is great ... until you have to replace something and the place that made it is no longer around. :rolleyes:

i knew nothing when i took it apart, and probably less now that ive put it back together. :P

reading what others had done got me this far. im taking it to a pro for an intial alignment and then plan on tweaking a little here a little there...ONE thing at a time :cool:

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Well, from reading your setup, I think that your logic is a little flawed. First of all, positive camber is NEVER a good thing...yeah, the tire might flatten out under braking, but in a corner your are not using the tire at all. Second, the oversteer issue is due to the rear toe, toe out in the rear is a BAD thing...makes the car spin really easily.


My "base" suspension setup for GT4 was 2-3 degrees camber front, 1-2 degrees camber rear, zero toe front, a little toe in rear, and then just stiffen the springs and sway bars a little more than what they recomend. I would usually then deal with understeer and oversteer using spring rates and sway bars...I played way to much GT4 a few years ago.

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