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Converting SU's into EFI

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Has anyone on ratsun done this? Converting su's on 4 cyl or 6 cyl cars to function on efi and megasquirt? My dad has mentioned some guys doing it on Z's. Im not planning on this, but think its interesting. 




Maybe more discreet and cleanly? 

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You can use his engine management system of mega squirt.

I did this system with good success. Its all sitting in my garage as i am changing to KA 24DE,


But i added great Performance to my L20B. Huge milage 29MPG at avarage 70MPG Vancouver to Vegas, amd back, 22MPG at 85MPH for several Hours thru Idaho. But i am adding AC and needed a bit more to take that.

Great system, But lots of Fab work, Took me almost a year to completly dial it in, Changed Cams. U67 Head , And i used the Zed carbs

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Been wondering if there was any Datsun feedback about the Patton conversion.



I'd love to do that, just not in the budget.

Looking to sell mine, with the head. (Would only sell it to someone who is totally into TB Injection.) Otherwise its happy sitting on the shelf i garage. I spent thousands getting the system right .I will sell U67 head, Intake with SU TB;s, wire Harness , 68' Exhaust collector with C02 Bungs (one included detector) the other one was a wide band stand alone system i am re using. U will need Fuel pump, regulator. Whole system has 10,000 mi. rebuilt head and new cams less milage, had it done just before  driving to Vegas.


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