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510 Wagon Leaf spring bushings (NA?)


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55045-22900 fronts are also used in the 610, 810 and the A10 wagons


55046-22900 top rear are also used on the 610 710,810 and A10 wagons as well as the 710 sedans.

55047-22900 bottom rear also used on the 610 710,810/Maxima and A10 wagons as well as the 710 sedans.


Lots of different rubbers can probably be made to work. Do not use polly. Only rubber grips both moving parts and gives in the middle. Polly is too firm and one surface will always slip. This always leads to wear and ovaling and the inevitable squeaks.

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hey mike do you know if any other datsuns have the same axle bearing as a 72 wagon? i had a hell of a time running down some just to mock up a disc brake conversion, but now i found out my 70 goon has a bad axle bearing :( sooo yeah any info from the master would be much appreciated  :thumbup: 

also didnt mean to change thread topic! 

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after much measuring hemming and hawing 



I ended up ordering poly as i'm ditching the leafs eventually for a sub frame set up (pipe dreams right)


I ordered ES #3.2125 for the eyelet

and  Prothane # 14-1001 for the shackle


I will update when parts are in and ive confirmed fitment.

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