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webers on z24


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On my weber, the linkage screw with the spring is start up idle. The screw at the base just below it is the fuel mixture adjustment. And the screw thats buried in the front left side is the fast idle adjustment,for after the motor has warmed up. My issue was a vaccum leak at the base. Simple shit first for me,found problem with carb cleaner,sprayed it around while running and the idle increased.Found that solution here at ratsun U.

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Very common for carburetor mounting nuts to come loose on L-4 engines.


Idle mixture and high idle are about the only adjustments you need to make on a properly set up carb that is in good working order. Those two distinctions are important. A lot of things can go be adjusted or changed to tune your Weber to your engine, but generally, an out of the box setting is ok. But if someone has had it apart or tried tuning without knowing how, things can go south in a hurry.


Also, things like the accelerator pump diaphragm, fuel level float and needle-and-seat can go bad.


If no amount of carb adjustment gets you the idle you are after, try adjusting the idle timing or timing curve.

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