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1978 620KC Headliner


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My Headliner in my 1978 King Cab is shot and I'm thinking of pulling it out. It'll probably be out for a while so I'm asking if there's any wires or structures under it that I will need to tidy up afterwards. Also are there any tips and techniques for removal?

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Dome light wires should be all that's up there. I've only removed one headliner from a standard cab and the windows had to be removed. The bows need to be able to swing and you have to bend them a little, try not to bend too much otherwise you'll have to straighten them back out to get it back in. If possible try to save to original panels to use as a template for a new one.

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As stated: remove the front and rear glasses; you might have to remove the side glasses as well; undo the clips above the seat belts; remove the door sill moldings; remove the dome ligh housing start peeling off the headliner where it folds over and make your way to the back; swing the bows as you go.

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Probably won't save it. Not to sound lazy but I think I'll leave it in if removing the windows is involved.


I understand I can cut the headliner out... But will the bows come OUT with the windows in? (I doubt the truck will see a new headliner with me as the owner... Going for a rat rod type of look.)

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oh yea, thats whats up! Finally someone with the aame idea as mine. I pulled mine out cause it was torn but I'm gonna put the dyno-mat on the roof and then I will have the upolstery shop finish the rest along with door panels and custom toneau cover. As soon as winter is over will be ready for maybe Gene to do a Targa top on my kc and then paint this beast.

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