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Diesel swap in a 1981 single cab Datsun 4x4 I'm putting a d300turbo


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Stop. Take a breath. Start over. Use full sentences. Use punctuation. Explain your goals and ideas.


D300 turbo diesel? As in Mercedes?


Doggin it good? Assume everyone here speaks English as a second language, use less lingo.


And are you asking how to do an SAS with a Toyota axle?


We respond well to clarity and to specific questions that show you have done at least some research and have some idea what you are up against.

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So you've already abandoned the Toyota axle?


The only manual transmissions that fit the old Mercedes diesels are the ones that came with those engines. Nothing wrong with the OM617, but you can't make a lot of power until you upgrade to the euro spec injection pump.


If you want good Mercedes info, try a diesel forum. Learn the engine names, that's what people use, not the car they came out of.


Still not really sure what you want from us?

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So I assume you won't be driving this on road much. With the Chevy 10 bolts you will be at least 10" over stock width. AT LEAST......

 I'd recommend Jeep Wagoneer  D-44's from a post 76 Jeep . 58" width , 6 lug.

The 5 cylinder Merc motors are a solid little diesel.

Having sed that It will require a huge amount of sheet metal work to sleeve it in under the hood of a 720.

What T-case are you planning to run?  

The Chevy axles are generally driver side drop.  Finding a divorced driver drop t-case can be a challenge.

I'd recommend a Dana 300 with a divorce kit. Get ready to spend some cash for that unit. 

And by the way, The Datsun / Nissan unit won't work. Centered drop.

 This should be an epic build. I look forward to fallowing your progress.

It's to bad you are as far away as you are. I have all of the running gear you would require to do this conversion hanging in my racks as we speak.

I was thinking of using it in my 84 but have decided to retain all of the stock components on my truck.

 It just works to damn well as is to cut up.

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