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  1. The tonneau was sewn up 20 or 30 years ago by ???????? The fit is pretty good though. It has overlapping Velcro slits where it fits around the bars. Next time I have it on the car I will take pics of what was done. All of the trim and emblem holes were filled many years ago and yes the mirrors are wrong for this car . I hate the look but after driving the car as much as I have this summer. I understand why the PO used them. They work very well. If I keep the car. I will address the mirrors when doing the pre paint prep and body work. Holes in doors will need filling and fender holes cut.
  2. Made it as far as Clatskanie when the voltage regulator took a shit. Barely made it back to the shop in Astoria. I may jerry rig it and try again tomorrow. Old cars..........
  3. Well at least the car will be dry. Finished up the top today.
  4. Today I finally got the rag top finished. Looks like we may need it. Canby promises to be a wet weekend.....
  5. Just looked at the weather report for Sat. and Sun. Doesn't look good. 100% chance of rain. Just my luck. Finally have a car ready for Canby and I get rained out.
  6. Yesterday was a bench mark day. Peggy, my wife , took her first run in the SRL. We had a great run up hwy 202/47 to Vernonia from Astoria. This is a great long twisty. Car ran and drove perfectly. And as planed , Peggy now loves the car. I love it when a plan comes together.......
  7. Yesterday was the first ( legal ) road trip. All tagged up and insured. I was surprised by the long gears and torque of this car. To say its a fast little bugger would be accurate by the standards set in 1969. It's a bucket of fun to drive. I still have some bugs to work out , but it's close. Canby , here I come...... I drove around for 10 miles with the damn hood unlatched. Thank god it,s a front swing.
  8. I got the old girl breathing better over the week end. New 2" exhaust. They aren't kidding when they say that 2" is the largest exhaust that will work on this car. My list of smalls is shrinking dramatically. Wayno. Why aren't you driving your roadster any more?
  9. Hi. My wife and I are starting the search for our old Z car. It is a 1971 240z Vin # HLS3017876 . We sold it in 1994 in Gresham Oregon. This car may not exist any more but on the off chance that it does. I want to buy it back. Any help would be great. Thanks guys....
  10. I wish I had seen this thread before you went through all of the work . I have a divorced NW4WD short Dana 20 in the shop ready to go. It's even siting in a Datsun cradle. Oh well. This is the same unit that we used in the Sasquatch. The one I have left is just exactly the same.
  11. Thanks Wayno . Dean at Datsun parts explained how they work and where they are mounted. Cable stays for the side window seals. I located a smooth hard top in northern cali that I have struck a deal on. July trip!!!! For now the soft top will do fine.
  12. I am awaiting the new skin for the top. Other than that and a final bleed and brake adjustment the car is ready for Canby. I can't believe I am actually going to make it this year. It will be nice to add faces to the names ...... The car is now baseline Stock. The plan is to drive it through the summer then either start moding the car or sell/ trade it for a car I'm more interested in. I'm not really a roadster kind of guy..... I may go on the hunt for a nice Goon or Patrol. Who knows????? I look forward to seeing you guys and your cars.......
  13. Boxcar

    Hood hinge bracket

    Well , if you ever decide to drive north!!!! Like say , to attend Canby ...... Come early and up the coast. Bring beer and I will fix it.
  14. I have done this conversion but on a rather radically re designed 620 4 wd. There is a build thread somewhere on this sight that covers it. Yota IFS box, Suzuki grand Vitara pump , Modified 620 column using astro van steering column components, etc. Still working great after 4 or 5 years on the trail. It may not work well clearance wise on a 2 wd.... The L 20 B I used for the pump mock up. Column conversion Shortened the 620 column to the fire wall then machined an oil light bushing to carry it 's pass through at the fire wall. The rest of the column is just Astro van wr
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