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New 72' 620 owner saying hello


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Hey guys, i'm Pat a new 620 short bed owner just saying hello. I was turned onto the 620's about a year ago and have been mildly searching ever since. I acquired mine on short notice at a local online towing yard auction, sight unseen. Living in southern California, I decided to take my chances. I was only able to see a few photos online prior but that was really it, turns out I am the owner of a pretty solid truck. It runs and drives, floors are all solid, bed is solid and straight, electrical all seems fine. Driver fender is dented and has a little rust and the passenger is straight with a little rust. But I bought it as an inexpensive rat/street truck project to keep me busy.


My goal at first is to just go over it, make sure it is all sound as far as driveability, lower it a little and drive it for now.

Down the road, I would like to do 17" black steel wheels, a disc brake conversion, paint the engine bay, front end and frame, but mostly leave the truck in its original rough around the edges look on the exterior.

This is my third project vehicle (87 Chevy Monte Carlo, 99 Subaru 2.5rs Impreza) and I have a tendency to dive deep into my projects with good result. Odds are this will become a build thread in about a week. Pics to come tomorrow.



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So Day 1 Update, Threw a new battery in it and it turned right over but didn't want to get gas to the fuel filter.  After a squirt of starter fluid, the engine fired right up and must have helped with fuel delivery because somehow it was then getting fuel.  I later discovered gas in the oil because it is really thin and it smells like gas, so from what I have researched it is likely a fuel pump diaphragm which may also be causing the fuel delivery issue?  The other issue I am having is the car will idle fine and slowly rev up just fine, but if you are at idle and blip the throttle it chokes out like its not getting enough fuel?  So between the lack of fuel at the filter, gas in the oil and possible shortage of fuel when you blip the throttle at idle, i'm thinking a fuel pump is a good place to start? Anyone care to weigh in?


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It's old oil. Maybe last owner put cheap WallMart 5W in it. Needs an oil and filter change anyway. Gas smell in oil could also be the carb leaking down when shut off. Or choke stuck on.


Baff on throttle blip could be cold engine without much choke. This is a lean backfire. Warm engine off, hold choke plate open, look down the carb and pump the gas. What you should see is a strong squirt of raw fuel pumped into the primary barrel. If nothing the accelerator pump diaphragm is worn. Get a rebuild kit. May fix the gas smell in the oil.

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