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720 4x4 Rims


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I found a set of Vector rimsIMG_5615_zpsnbxhdsod.jpg


Turns out there 14x6  and rub the tie rod ends. Bummer.


Found a set of Ultra rims



These are 15x8 and fit.


I'm looking for the best tire size without rubbing or creating too much drag as I will use my 720 as a DD.


I don't want to buy the tires and find out the rub the suspension somewhere.


I looked through the rim thread in the parts forum and found little on 4x4 rims and tires.


Thinking about BFGoodrich Radial T/A E4 P 235 /60 R15, not really thinking about a real tall and knobby deep tread tire as they quite noisy as a DD.


Is there any way the 14" Vectors will work?


Any help would be appreciated.


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The first rule of rims is know what size and offset is needed before falling in love or your marriage will end badly.


The 720 only uses 15" rims on the 4x4s so 14s aren't going to work. Forget about her and see if she has an older sister.



720 4x4s used 5.5" and 6" wide rims so find out which ones you have. Take one of your rims off and lay face down. Place a straight edge across the rim surface and measure down to the WMS (wheel mounting surface) 


Lets say, just for example, that you measure 4". This means that on a 6" wide rim the outer rim edge is 2" from the WMS


Suppose your 8" Ultra rims measure 2". This means that the outer rim edge is 6" from the WMS.


This means the Ultras are sticking out 4" extra!!!!! (it could just as well be inward)  So have a look and see if the rim/tire is going to be outside the body where it will throw dirt onto it or too far inside and rubbing the frame on turns.





Your 720 4x4 uses 215/75R15s which are 27.7" tall


235/60R15 tires are 26.1" tall and your speedo will be out about 6%


A 235/70R15 will give about the same width as the 235/60R15 but a better diameter of 27.9"

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Thanks Mike,


Well I think I got lucky here as I've only got <$200 + elbow grease in both sets. The current rims 15x7 235/75/15 with a WMS of 3 3/4 are inside the wheel wells. The Ultras have a WMS of 5" putting them  1" outside. The aftermarket fenderwell flares I've got should cover that.


I use my GPS as my speedo as mine needs a tuneup or replacing and doesn't matter that much to me.


I think that by going with the shorter 235/60/15 tire I'll run less of a chance of frame rubbing.


Does that sound right?







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Anything with a total diameter of 30 inches or less should clear your truck. I run 31x10.5r15 and I rubbed the body on hard bumps and turns until I lifted it. My truck has lift control arms and reindexed torsion bars up front and extended shackles in the rear now. I could clear a slightly larger tire if I wanted.

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