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hey, I've got conflicting advice on my 720......

720 Jason

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    my neighbor is/was a long time mechanic...but he recently had a stoke so i'm tring not to be visibly sceptical towards him, but.... I've got a 86' 720 (z24 engine) with no brakes. he thinks old Master Cylinder was from a 83' 280zx and is insisting on just getting the rebuild kit for that (an 83' 280zx). Ya still w/ me?

   I'd like to do what was suggested here and put in the correct MS and maybe booster too.

                    I'd really like to know if MC's are interchangable w/ boosters of the same decade.  I know this sounds crazy, but he's my neighbor. and my damn truck is parked at the bottom of his drive way. So I feel inclined to just let him do whatever to just get it back across the street, and behind my house so he can't see me fixing this later

                    I'm at a loss. much like my beloved Car Talk, it seems fixing the car is the easy part. thanks again,   -jason


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Drive it into your back yard use the emergency brake.


Look on the master cylinder. If it says 13/16" then it a 720 master.


An '83 zx master has horizontal mounting bolts so won't fit the 720 booster. A '79-'81 zx master would fit (has vertical mount bolts just like the 13/16" 720 master) but it will say 15/16" on the side. Go out and look. This was already covered.

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