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Need help with a distributor

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Well guys here is the story

As a lot of you folks know I'm in the process of rebuilding my engine and engine bay repainted

While working on my engine I wanted to replace my original duel points distributor with a electric model.

I sourced a electric hitachi d4k distributor from James ( 510 keeper ) at the eagle rock swap meet

Well when I was getting ready to put it on, it fell off my work table and busted the pedestal mount and smashed the vacuum pod in.

So I thought I would just use my pedestal mount off my original one, but it won't fit

And also I'm not sure on what type of vacuum pod ( not sure that's what they are called ) due to them having different advance and retard settings

The number I'm getting of the electric distributor for what I can read is


22100 w5802

That's what I can read

This being a Datsun dry county the JY have been no luck

I have been looking at the Hot Spark distributor but don't know if they are any good

Would like to just find a new pedestal mount and vacuum pod?

Any help

Thx farmer

Edit I would post pics but my cup does not like photo bucket

But you all know what they look like

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The pedestals came in 3-4 variants. It's the advance retard plate that doesn't line up right. Try flipping the plate upside down and see if that helps. You can also drop the oil pump and re adjust the drive spindle to bring the timing plate closer.


It's called the vacuum advance can or canister.

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The rubber diaphragm in the vacuum canister can go bad with age, so buying a new one is something to consider. RockAuto has them for a '79 200SX for $48.79 which to me is an ouchy price but I'm a cheapskate. If anyone knows a source of cheaper ones I'd love to know. I think the one on my 510 with matchbox dizzy went bad last week although I haven't vacuum tested it to be certain. A few years ago I vacuum tested the dozen or so dizzys I have laying around and on cars. Only about a third of them held vacuum, so I tend to think leaky ones are more common than good ones. But I've had good used ones that lasted for years too, so buying new may not be necessary.


I seem to recall the screw through the arm from the vacuum can into the advance plate is a special screw with a little smooth tit on the end of the threads. So be careful not to lose the screw when changing the vacuum can. I suspect just any machine screw won't work well.



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