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Recreating 410 Convertible


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Looking out on the project horizon, I'm beginning planning for converting my parts / testbed RL411 into a 2-door converible. It's a big project, but fairly common in the 50s domestic car world to go from 4-door to 2-door to convertible. And, while I move slowly, I have a good track record for getting dream projects done (steam car notwithstanding).


So, my question for the group is whether anyone has any pictures of the "2" parade car convertible 410s that Nissan supposedly made. Extensive Googling over the past couple years has never gotten me any further than this B/W image that everyone uses:




Maybe someone's seen them in a museum or has other publicity shots from this "anniversary" or "rally success" parade?





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No luck... But RaceNeely has a couple 411 coupes in SoCal, you can probably ask him to divulge some door dimensions, Etc. looking forward to updates...


Another tip, If you can get in touch with the owner of Garage Autoshiro www.autoshiro.exblog.jp in Japan, he seems to know everything about early oddball Datsuns... But he no speakee da English.

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Even with the longer doors of the 2-door, the doors are, to my eye, too short for a convertible. Here are three quick photo-chops showing first the 2-door door, then a longer door to the where the b-pillar used to be, to a door that proportionally matches other 2-door convertibles, such as the early e30 BMW. Thoughts?


Stock 2-door door:




Door extended to rear of b-pillar:




Proportional long door:


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Probably a useless task but, since the NISSAN HQ moved away from Southern California and apparently has some sort of museum in Tennesee, sign on to the Nissan USA site and see if the museum has a spot on the site.  If so, querry as to the status of the 2 convertables.  I doubt that one of them is in the Zama facility but you will never know if you don't ask!

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I made cardboard extensions to mock up the three different door lengths illustrated above. The stock 2-door door appears to be 40.25" long (RaceNeely care to confirm?), which is 5.5" longer than the 4-door, and seems pretty long when I interact with it in real life. My mid-length door is 42.5", which just seems insanely long in real life, although it makes rear entry a treat.


I also did some tests to see if the rear quarter windows had room to retract. The answer is a "barely" yes in all three sizes, either winding down or pivoting in the lower front corner.


No luck, yet, in finding a contact at Nissan Heritage or Nissan USA from whom to seek more photos. I wonder if the parade cars even had tops?



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