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New to ratsun planning to build my 1976 Datsun 620

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Hi my name is Jose I'm 23 and I want to start fixing up my dad's 1976 datsun 620 ( my future truck ). Me and my dad used this truck for my whole child hood for his landscaping business. I really like this truck and would like some help looking for parts and suggestions on where to start.

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Welcome to Ratsun Jose.


Many parts can be asked for and found in our classified section here... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/3-datsun-parts/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc. Questions can be asked on our other forums. You may wish to start a build or project thread to keep everything together in one place.


Looks fairly complete. Has 'Euro style' front parking lamps and a slider rear window. What are you wanting to do with it?

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How do I start a project thread ?? And we'll first of all I want to running properly I want to make it my daily driver. After that I want a 5 speed trans but idk which one fits. Fix rust Paint lower it wheels that's the start.. And I want People to give me ideas and suggestions. I'm very excited :D

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You just start a thread about your truck in the project datto or 620 subforums or you could just use this thread to keep track of your progress. :)


Sounds like reasonable plans, the easiest 5-speed to find is usually from a z-car as there seems to be more of those in the wrecking yards than any other model Datsun.


Disc brakes are an easy upgrade these days and will make the truck a lot safer. If you search the forums you'll find a lot of info.



Edit: and welcome to ratsun :)

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 After that I want a 5 speed trans but idk which one fits.


From '77 on a 5 speed was an option on the 620 so all you need is one, and it drops right in and replaces your four speed. Nothing to change but the transmission.


The 620 five speed is the same as the 280z and 810/Maxima five speeds. Later 280zx five speeds will also work but are a closer ratio gear set and a much higher over drive. This is a great up-grade if you drive long didtance on the highway.

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