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  1. Cachis562

    motor swap

    hahaha i know the head gasket is cheap and easy but i wanted to take this oppertunity to look into motor swaps and changing those front drums to disk brakes. im going to change gasket in a few weeks when i have time. i have a book to help me also.
  2. Cachis562

    motor swap

    hi everyone i havent been active on here but i can really use some help. so my dads 1976 datsun 620 truck broke down the head gasket went out. I want to put a different motor on it but i have never done anything like this if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. my dad has had this truck over 15 years and i want to keep it please help!
  3. Thanks guys !! I'm going to try to post more pics soon !
  4. How do I start a project thread ?? And we'll first of all I want to running properly I want to make it my daily driver. After that I want a 5 speed trans but idk which one fits. Fix rust Paint lower it wheels that's the start.. And I want People to give me ideas and suggestions. I'm very excited :D
  5. Oh yea thank you !!!! I'll look it up it what so you think about all data ??? Worth it ?
  6. Hi my name is Jose I'm 23 and I want to start fixing up my dad's 1976 datsun 620 ( my future truck ). Me and my dad used this truck for my whole child hood for his landscaping business. I really like this truck and would like some help looking for parts and suggestions on where to start.
  7. Hi so I'm trying to fix up my dad's 1976 datsun pickup ( my future truck) so I want to get it running properly. I'm looking for diagrams for all hoses I bought a manual but still need some help thank you .
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