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No voltage to truck.

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Hey everyone, anyone, 


                   I have a 1984 Nissan 4x4 720 Pickup, I have changed the battery, alternator, and the car started fine this morning. As I was driving the car died and it will not start up again. The voltage meter is reading 0, nothing but the cabin light is on. Headlights don't work either. What can I be overlooking?  Please help! 

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Fusible links are connected to the positive battery terminal on the 720 Hainz. There are a Green and a Black sort of together and a separate Green one by itself. All have plastic plugs on the ends so they can be removed.


The Black link powers the interior lamp, brake lights, horn, marker lamps, clock etc. so it seems ok


The green link (paired with the Black above) goes only to the ignition switch. Controls ignition, heater, wiper, radio.. things that need the key On for.



Separate Green link is for headlamps only... If the headlights don't work then it's blown or not making contact.

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