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1986 nissan sentra

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this car has been sitting since 2002. has a little over a 100k miles. the only things that i am worried about is the fact that it has a carburetor and it has to be smogged. i figured i would post some pics of it and see what you guys think and see if it worth fixing up. i think it has potential. btw it does run.











besides the rat crap all over the engine, it doesnt look all that bad!

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My wife had an 86 2 door when I met her.  That was a great running driving car and would easily do near 40mpg highway.  It is an interference engine, i found out the hard way.  So, change the belt and tensioner asap if you decide to keep / drive it.  I think my belt went at 90k and I had to pull the head and replace bent valves.  Also, grab a headlight relay from a junk yard and keep as a spare, mine went all wonky on a night drive one time.

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That's the hatch. If I'm not mistaken those hatch backs were 4 wheel or AWD or whatever. 


Cool find.  Even with the aligator wiring I'd swoop on it.  They make a weber adapter for the early sentra motors which yours is.  You can tell by the valve cover.  The newer ones were straight on the front edge - GA16, yours is the older one.

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