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  1. this car has been sitting since 2002. has a little over a 100k miles. the only things that i am worried about is the fact that it has a carburetor and it has to be smogged. i figured i would post some pics of it and see what you guys think and see if it worth fixing up. i think it has potential. btw it does run. besides the rat crap all over the engine, it doesnt look all that bad!
  2. 1975SOC

    620 runs good now

    sand blasted the thermostat housing andgott some new fresh bolts thermostat leaked water. JB weld for the save
  3. There is one shop I know where I can get a genuine Weber but it will almost $400. But looking at that pic I do see the Weber markings casted into the metal. I have to get my refund first before I can purchase another one...
  4. i bought it from their website. http://www.webercarbsdirect.com. i also have seen them on ebay i know a great porsche mechanic who gets his parts through worldpac so ill have him order up me one and ill get a discount :thumbup:
  5. So I finally had the time to attempt to put the new Carb on but to my dissatisfaction the adapter plate doesn't fit the intake manifold and the Carb doesn't even fit on the adapter plate. So ill just return it and get a genuine Weber from spain or whatever. Plus I know a Guy who can get me a discount!
  6. thanks for the input everyone! i am curious though and wonder how long the "knock off" would last?? watch it last for like another like 20 years :P
  7. I made the mistake of buying a "Weber" from weberdirect. I thought they still made Weber's but I guess the stopped making them as EFI was being introduced. I should've done the research first. Correct me if I'm wrong. Should I return? Keep? I don't know what I should do
  8. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    interior wise I would like to find the original interior (preferably clean) and install that. its just mainly that rubber floor and center console piece or whatever. exterior wise im going to keep the paint original as much. I enjoy the yellow and it makes it stick out. mainly I would like to keep it stock.also if you hit a yellow you would have to be blind. engine wise im not going replace anything except the essential; oil, coolant, spark plugs, ect. I have confidence that this engine will last a very long time as long as I don't abuse it lol. but when the time comes to overhaul th
  9. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    soon ill have enough to restore the whole truck. but for now ill do what i can. the only issue im having now is the weber people. still got the original seat but who ever owned before me must of liked leather. i dont know if is real but it looks like it and the original seat is perfect.
  10. I was just screwing around on youtube and found this cool ad...
  11. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    thats badass! i dont mind taking long way home but as soon as the carb arrives (hopefully next week) ill drive her on the freeway.
  12. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    planning to drive it for another 200k. i dont drive to far and i can take the frontage roads home. i live 45mph life haha. ill post some engine compartment pics here in the near future.
  13. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    heres what it first read on the odometer when i got it another angle. also i picked up some fresh 205/70r/14s . also im in the process of de-smogging my truck since all the smog crap doesnt work anyway.
  14. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    I bought myself a $200 tobisha laptop and it seems like it is a real piece so im sorry if I cant properly post them
  15. 1975SOC

    1975 620

    %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a447/Datsun530/1975%20Datsun/CAM00190_zps54b44fb9.jpg %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a447/Datsun530/1975%20Datsun/mytruck_zps62629aa0.jpg
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