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620 Hood Prop Rod - is it Straight or have Bends?

Cardinal Grammeter

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Looks like I'm getting a bit persnickety (LOL)


Actually I saw a pic of a straight one on the "not straight" core support and it sits kind of cockeyed - the bent one definitely was made for this style core.


Of course, now I'm finding bent ones.  While its easier to bend something, its harder to straighten.  But then I'm up for the challenge. 


Found it...



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Dude you mean I walked down to my shop for nothing? It's cold out there you're killing me



J/k. Seriously got curious and had to go down there and figure it out myself. The straight one on the yellow runs parallel to the (I'm gonna call it) upper rad support. don't know about the bent for the blue one. Can't say I've actually seen it installed but I might've and not paid any attention

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The pic I posted shows a jog S-bend near the pivot which is exactly where you would want to put it to follow the core support top rail offset for the radiator.


I guess what this means is that if you want to be accurate, you can bend or unbend either any rod to fit either style core support.


I guess we have the answer, huh?

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