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$300 nissan diesel 720


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Yay im talking to datzen mike!

I had to replace the clutch slave cylinder because it had been sitting for 7 years and rusted. I had a spare from another 84 sd25 i had but crashed. (Yes this is an 84). I bought it several months ago and had to change out some leaking injectors with some of my other spares. I removed all the interior, cleaned out the mouse crap and some rust then cleaned all the carpet and reinstalled it after undercoating the floorpan. Id put more pics up but im not sure how to get the actual pic and not the link

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Well look at that, a factory power steering pump, that's the second one I have ever seen now, I have the first one I ever seen in person, mine was a Canadian spec truck.

What happened to your stock intake?


Take my word for it 84720FourWheel, putting a turbocharger on a SD series engine with an inline injection pump has been tried, it don't work right, I should know, I have one.




This is what it looks like now, the inter-cooler didn't help at all. :(


It don't work right, I can drive it just fine around town, has lots of zip, but EGTs get to hot on the freeway, I have a VE type injection pump to use, just haven't got around to it yet, as my daily driver 521 diesel gets around fine, will go 80mph all day long except on hills.

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Can't believe $300 CDN for all that! Good going. You won't be able to lower the ride height with those rims. To be cold air get that filter plumbed in front of the rad.


I have a spare tach but it's for a gas engine. The diesel needs a rev sensor added too.

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I have 3" blocks in the back and 2" drop spinbles in the front. Havent touched the torsion bars yet. (I might turn them down a tiny bit but dont want to). As for the intake i need a 15" or so length of pipe 3" diameter and then imma build a box for it.

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This is my second diesel. I have three blocks and pumps and heads, and eight injectors. 12 glow plugs but only 2 working. It will only start after being pluged in for a while. But thats ok, im parking it every winter from now on and driving my 4x4 loyale instead.

im also putting one of my spare sd25's in a hotrod im building.


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This is what a stock 720 SD25 airfilter looks like, you don't have one anymore?


Funny thing is that my diesel 521 kingcab has a SD25 in it, but it has the SD22 intake, and it runs great, it will do 80mph with 350 gears without an issue, that is why I have not tried to turbocharge it, it's good enough for that truck, at least until I get this turbo thing figured out.


Where is Vernon, it seems that every state has a Vernon, my guess would be Texas, as I have talked to others down there with SD25 engines, we have for the most part SD22 engines in Washington.

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We all need an EGT gauge, if I had known how hot these things get when floored for a while(easily gets to 1400 degrees in a few minutes), I would never have floored it that long, I guess ignorance is...........

I guess I was lucky that one time, I was floored for a half hour going up over the grapevine north of LA, I likely should have smoked the engine, I was lucky, by the time I got to the top, it wasn't running that good till it cooled a little, my water temp was very high, I can only imagine how hot the EGTs were.

As I said before, the truck that had the power steering was Canadian spec, it came from Canada.


Vernon british columbia. About 6 or so hours from datzen mike. (Canadas california)
I think i still have the original air cleaner but this is much better imo. I have no intention of turbo on this baby of mine. I did however turn the smoke screw back so she smokes good. I need egt gauge next tho.

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