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Air Filter Housing for Hitachi L20B


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I am new to this forum; have a 1970 510 2dr with an L20B. I recently replaced the Weber that was attached to it when I bought it with a Hitachi DCH 340(better gas mileage, more reliable for winter). Now I am looking for a housing for it. It is from a 710, so does that mean that my housing HAS to be from a 710? I have been looking at trucks, digging through pick-a-part, and craigslist, etc. It does indeed have a round-top. Electric choke, etc. I was just wondering whether it makes a difference whether the housing came from a pickup, 710, later 510, 620, etc. I found this reference site: http://www.royze.com/crbnissan.htm Looking at it, it seems like there are variations to the DCH 340 carb. It's been hard finding a housing from ANY L20B, nonetheless a 710. Any help would be great, even tips on ghetto rigging(as long as it won't hurt my baby). Thanks guys!



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Like DISLEXICDIME had said, measure and check. The stock housing has a clamp integrated in it at the neck, the mechanism to lock it down is at the back. It just comes down to what extra vacuum lines are needed by your carb. In any event, I have my old housing from a '73 610 that had the DCH340. It should more than work for your application. I will likely never run a downdraft again, so if the price is right...

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