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  1. datzenmike I was able to find another fusible link for sale brand new. Made sure to get a decent Napa thermostat and I'll give it a test before putting it in. Just running for diagnostics for right now, not going to drive it until I have it figured out. I swapped terminal junction and connected everything. It ran decent and then the dash lights, turn signals, and cabin fan all stopped working! The temp and gas gauge both turned off, too. I tried moving the fan switches and nothing. Turn signals and nothing. Then they just turned back on... I just got a read on my hose diameter and I'll be just getting a dowel and plugging both sides to keep it simple. I do think it'll be good to do, but I think my main problem is still something electrical. Any relays I could check? What kinds of fuses do I have under the hood and where are they?
  2. I hadn't seen it overheat until I was having issues with that fusible link, so it's only overheated in the last two years a couple times and I shut it down when it reached the top market before H. The coolant doesn't look hazy, it's there any other way I can check for head gasket damage? While I ran it today the dash lights were flickering and the heating problem seems intermittent even when it's just sitting there. The blower fan was also cutting in & out. I'll connect and seal the hoses to the heater core and get a new thermostat in the meantime.
  3. For sure, that's why I turned it on because it was creeping up. The thing is, sometimes it'll be fine for a while with it on, sometimes with it off. The thermostat was a decent one. It ran the same way on the old one. One thing is I have to keep my coolant just a little low because it spills out the heater core. Still trying to find a replacement one.
  4. My temp gauge typically sits right above the cool line. It went all the way towards hot when I pulled it over and cool down to make my way home.
  5. It's the 720. The gas gauge doesn't move, just the heat. It almost seems like my turn signals are triggering the issue too. I checked my fuses in the cabin I'm going to check under the hood, too. Such a weird gremlin issue. My thermostat is about a year old, but maybe my fusible link issue or the last bad alternator damaged it? Thanks again for the knowledge.
  6. Hi! First of all thank u guys for helping me get my fusible link figured out and giving me a ton of knowledge about it. My issue is that after replacing the link I'm still experiencing periodic overheating. While driving it started to overheat. I turned on the fan and hot air and when I turned on the fan the dash lights flickered. Then the temps went down for a good while. When it overheated again I turned the fan off, causing the dash lights to flicker again and the temps went down. So I'm guessing it's something between a bad connection at the fan controls, but I'm not sure how they would be connected. My other guesses are a bad thermostat or bad hearing pump. Anyone have an issue like this?
  7. Here's pictures of the connector and wires. My issue is solved, but only because there's 2 parts left. In the future, this may be helpful to someone to see the solutions you guys gave. Thank you kindly!
  8. That is 100% the part I need, holy cow how could I not find it!? Now the next thing is that I can't find a button to add it to my shopping cart on there... Edit: they are having some technical issues. I'm working with them on getting the part. Thank you so much everyone, I've learned a lot and this thread will likely be helpful information in the future as there are only 2 of these parts left!
  9. Aftermarket gauge wire or do you mean in my dash? Nothing aftermarket to my knowledge. That black clip is falling to pieces. I've found replacement battery terminals that have little screws for adding up to four extra wires. Could that work or would I be better off with the four clips and make little pig tails using a higher gauge wire and eyelets on the battery end?
  10. Hi everyone! I have searched the forums and am still a little confused about the fusible link on my 82 720 diesel. Am I correct that the black and green (2 and 2) *wires* are the fusible link and the black connector that they all go into that attaches to the battery terminal is just a housing for the connections to those wires? Well that housing broke. Seems the wires are just fine, but they wiggle around in there and sometimes when I hit a bump my car will start to overheat(is that the thermostat going out?) and my lights will go out. I did see someone post some parts from vintage connections: http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/140 Could I just get four of these and eyelet them to my terminal? Or is there a generic housing connector I could use? Thanks in advance guys!
  11. The thing is it's only been happening the last year or so and seems to be getting much worse.
  12. Hey guys! I have a 1982 720 diesel that runs great when it's warmed up. It throws some rich white smoke at cold startup and struggles to get going. It has gotten worse with time. Smells like improperly burnt diesel, luckily not sweet. I figured it must be the glow plugs, so I replaced them. Still an issue. I tested the battery, glow plug wires, and alternator with a multi meter. They all read just fine, but when I turn it over, it takes a while to get to a positive operating voltage. It's got some electrical issues with the fan not working at full blast and the cigarette lighter adapter doesn't work. Fuses are all fine, but maybe the box/ connections? Anywhere else I should look into? Ignition maybe? Thank you!
  13. Thank you, datzenmike! I'll be doing that in the morning.
  14. Thermostat was replaced recently. I'll keep an eye on it because i hear they are frequently bad out of the box, too. I'll do another flush and then fill her up! Guess I'll return the stop leak. Thank you, i was waiting on a reply to continue(well, not waiting, just working on other things and cleaning). I think we can close this case for now, i appreciate everyone's help!
  15. Yes, L20B. So are they just worn gears then? It doesn't have any issues shifting and it seems to have great torque. The only identifiable issue is the noise. I've heard the same thing about dog legs having issues, but not about the 5th gear. I figure an SX would be made with commuters in mind. Either way, I'm not trying to replace this one because sadly it's time for me and this 510 to part soon. I have an 82 720 D that takes priority and is a more sensical vehicle for my life right now(and of course i need the money). Any thoughts on how to at least get it to quiet down? Maybe swap the tranny fluid for something thicker?
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