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You got that for free? there must be a catch?

GF's little sister just graduated H.S. and Dad got her a new Ride... We scored to old one.. Guess they he was insulted by their trade in offer. Dont hate us cause we are lucky!! Hell My Datto scored me a free Camry from my Dad a couple months ago.. Its was my Daily Driver and I guess he felt sorry for me cause when He Got a new car, he gave it to me... I guess that proves that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder... I look at it and see the best looking truck ever, and he just sees a piece of shit. 200,000 miles on the camry, 100,000 on the Mitsi. (we dont make a buch of cash so its great when things like this come along... Im a carpenter, she's a therapist for kids in a mental facitllity.


he's gonna fix the gutters on that guy's house in exchange for the SUV ;)

Funny thing Bleach.. the Guy who used to Own the house we live in... He feckin died falling off of that roof... and he knocked the gutter down on his way.. Landed on his head.. what are the odds...

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i have gotten a couple free cars recently myself. my 79 whisper blue rabbit, a red 80 rabbit, a blackredyellow 79 rabbit, and a 90 mercury grand marquis. just sold the black redyellow one and the 80 the otehr day. pure profit! i like freebies!

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