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Just Introducing myself

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Hey Ratsun!


I'm not sure if its a typical thing to do on here, but i feel like introducing myself to you folks!


I own a 2003 Maxima that i've had for 4 years now. Her and I have just finished a 2700 mile trip over 4.5 days from Toronto to Seattle where i'll be living for at least a couple years. While im here i'll be getting myself more familiar with the datsun lifestyle.


Some of you in the Seattle area have met me last year at marysville, I plan on coming to some local meets to get myself back in the datsun scene.


Also, once i get some cashflow going, i'll be looking for a 1968-1972 Datsun 520/521. Once i actually have the cash i'll be posting a wanted ad with more info, but i'll be keeping an eye out for the time being. Im hoping i can get one before my stay in washington is up so i can take something unique and rare back to toronto with me.


Im hoping to pick up something mostly rust free, running with either the original engine or a well documented swap so i can see the workmanship. Body condition can be good or a little banged up, not looking for perfection at all. As long as all the trim pieces are there inside and out i am happy. If you see something let me know.



I need to do at least an oil change on the car, and i dont wanna get screwed since i dont have the space/equipment to do it myself at the moment.


Anyways, here is a pic of my current "Datsun", Veronika.






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maximas are great i had a 2000 automatic great leather interior good year good motor the world was not yet concerned about making things cheap and fuel economy... oh and welcome =) i was on maxima.org and mx6.org

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Is this the same Tyler with a maxima that I met last year?

ya this is the same tyler. im back in washington, but this time i've brought my car with me!


yeah im on maxima.org, though i dont really post. Lol, i more go on there just to get information.

They really are great cars. i had a 95 before this and i miss it alot, haha

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