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new wing for the zx


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not i think this is for a Z not ZX but oh well i will make it work.. gotta clean it up a bit an hit it with some paint.. but the whole car is going to be painted soon.. thinkin graphite aka "gun metal" or close to anyways.. or a dark silver.. not sure.. we'll figure it out but the 280zx and the 620 will have matchin colors.. we're doin a "theme" kinda thing.. we'll park next to eachother at events and such...






what you guys think..

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yea i know, thats why we wanna doit again so i dont have to mess with the door dams ect.. dude dont get me wrong i love that barney purple color.. thats the only 2+2 z/zx i like man its a beautiful machine.. but we wanna do something a little diff.. something simple.. an we wanna match.. i like the wing cause it looks like it COULD have come stock.. we will be making some kind of spacers out of rubber or something to lift it about half an inch or more to give it a nicelook to it.. and we may jus take your opinion to heart on that bleach... we didnt want to change the paint color origionaly cause it was just a nice color but its time for a change.. for now anyways.. the body kit will get cleaned up an maybe molded into the body a little not sure yet.. we wanna go clean, simple and not all riced out.. this car was made to win awards an we wanna keep the tradition going...

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