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Shasta Roadsters July 17-19 Sadness ..........

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But they eat cheese and wine ,or wine and cheese ,anyway it was about THUNDERHILL THUR. and partying at the bar in Shasta city , or 50+ cars in Koa , Who am I to say I own a Roadster or two now , I am just jealous I guess and got no money to do the trip , back then I trailered my car to track then drove for four days, maybe I will try and make some copy shirts from my old shirts and sell to keep alive.

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We were going to go, but then we actually got a new house and stuck moving these next few weekends, so doing cruising the gut instead.  Was looking forward to taking the dime down like we used to for the old shasta every year. 

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There should be no sadness for the Mt. Shasta Meet. We did it for 14 years! It was a really big deal. It was great fun. It ran it's course, died from money problems, too many folks never paid into the event. I thought folks would understand this after a freebie or two and want to buy into the Meet and support it, it worked the other way around.

Shasta was started by the Roadster folks as a show and picnic event. They asked us {UFO] in 1993 to come and stage a bigger event, using the ski park, including the autocrossing and rallye stuff. We thought we could get a bunch of clubs to each step up and host a part of the event for all the clubs. A really big all Datsun weekend. We had a trailer full of cones, that would be our part. Silly me. The Z clubs were a bit aloof, they had their own stuff to do and left after a year or two and a fight over who would get the front row of Peggy's picture shoot. After three or four years, the Roadsters returned to their show and picnic format that they still have and enjoy.

So we [uFO] continued the "big event" more or less as a 510 activity and added the Thunderhill track part. The track event subsidised the Shasta part until the skipark wanted to raise the rates a lot and the paid attendance was steadily dropping. We would have needed to double the entry fee or more. It never regained the attendance after the Roadsters left. The Meet simply didn't support itself. It ended in 2006 as I recall.

We never imagined it would grow nearly as much as it did nor last as long.

Dennis Hale

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Understand how you feel Dennis. We are having that issue with blue lake, everyone wants to come, and pay for food and some raffle, but last few years even though we have around 150 cars, we only have like 20-30 actually register, and we have some of the cheapest registration of the datsun shows. Lots of cars that would actually win a award to if they did register.  People think these shows just happen, but dont realize the planning, work, money, insurance, location, and volunteers that are needed to put them on.  This is our 30th year, i hope we get another 10 years, especially when i take over putting it on for my dad whos done it around the last 20 years.  Shows are alot of hard work.


I do miss going down every year and seeing you guys, me and my dad Dan Uphoff came down every year, we never missed one.  And i would of loved to of brought Arts car down to shasta again, i was going to go down to it this year since first year the roadster guys would allow others but unfortunately moving into a new house, and figures it fell on the car show weekend. 

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