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Been working on it for awhile. New clutch pressure plate throw out bearing, radiator and water pump, master cylinder, all new brakes, bearings in front, rebuilt carburetor, electronic ignition & coil, alternator, clutch slave, major wiring issues some what solved, removed smog junk.

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L16 lacks power but really likes to be revved. L18s are larger (obviously) with more output and are fine engines. Like to be revved. L20Bs are larger still, with much increased torque at lower speeds. They pull much harder and you feel it. They rev nicely and make good power without having to revved as hard.


The L18 was only used the one year before the L20B was introduced.

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wish i could get my dash out without taking the window out lol my top bolts are super tight....check out jeggs they have molded dashes for around 130 i believe...i guess they would just need a little trimming..then again aluminum shouldnt be too hard to fab something up

I was able to get my dash out with a dogbone ratchet for philips tips and used a 1" 1/2 philips tip and pressed as hard as I can and the came lose

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you could see the crack because there was no texture where it had been filled. so first I tried undercoat look good but still could see the filled area. I used Herculean truck bed ended up with this look. it had to much shine to it I like the matte look better so I gave it one more coat of under coating. turn out better hten I could have hope for.  Im not going t use the white Plexiglas glass I have black on order. 


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